Question Hat: birth of a book meme. (Sept 7, 2011)

I had a few friends over to the new apartment on Saturday for pizza, drinks, and a movie we never actually watched despite playing it twice. I may or may not have gotten very drunk. A few of my friends are bloggers, although only one is a book blogger, and putting a bunch of people who write and may or may not be very drunk in a room together is probably a bad idea. Or a very good idea, depending on who you ask. One of my friends found an old top hat of mine (cheap and from a costume shop) and, well, things just went downhill from there.

What do a bunch of drunk bloggers come up with when they’ve had one too many? They create the Question Hat, of course!  Come Sunday morning, and one rocking hangover, I kicked my friends out and discovered that maybe the Question Hat wasn’t such a bad idea. The questions we came up with got a little risqué as the night worn on (we won’t be using those for obvious reasons) but I could see no reason why I couldn’t use the questions we created when we were more sober (I use the word sober very loosely here). (Also, my friends are all perverts cleverly disguised as not-so-responsible adults.) (I’m looking at you here, David.)

Then one of my other friends, bored on a long weekend, was chatting with me on Monday and suggested I make the Question Hat a meme. Because you can’t have enough memes out there. Life would be just not worth living. I agreed because I am a masochist and apparently don’t have enough going on in my life. So, introducing Question Hat Wednesdays! (Is Wednesday okay with everyone? I just picked a day at random.)

This week’s question: Who is your favorite author? Why do you like them so much?

To play, answer the question on your own blog and then leave a comment here with a link to your post. Please, link directly to the post so people don’t have to go searching through your blog for it.

Have a question you’d like to add to the Question Hat? Feel free to email me at questionhat(at)yahoo(dot)com or leave a comment with your question.

My answer:

I’m going to cheat here and say I have two favorite authors. I have two because they have the same whimsical, quirky style that I find so refreshing. They also specialize in the adult fairy tale theme and create some of the best stories I’ve ever read. I speak, of course, of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

Gaiman has been the author of some of my favorite books, including The Graveyard Book, Stardust, and the M is for Magic short story collection. Pratchett is the author of the Discworld series and has been rocking my socks for the past 50 or so books he’s written. My favorite is, of course, the witches’ arcs with Granny Weatherwax and the others of the Ram Top.

They both have the same style and can turn a phrase like pros. The tone of their stories just makes my toes tingle.  (Plus, Neil Gaiman narrates his own audiobooks, which makes other parts of me tingle too. Damn that man’s voice.) Both Gaiman and Pratchett are expert world builders and their stories just suck you in, chew you up, and spit you out into a lump of literary goo. Happy goo, but still goo.

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