Question Hat: 9/14/11 – Quote me!

I brought the Question Hat to work with me. People already think I’m weird here, so it’s no problem. I need to get a new hat though. This one really is old and yucky. The costume shops are almost open for Halloween. I’ll buy another one from them. Anyway, I brought the Question Hat to work and took it over to my co-worker, Amanda, to have her select a question for you. Think of her as our unofficial Vanna White.

(She had to pick two questions because the first one was inappropriate and referenced the movie American Pie. I thought I took all the drunk questions out! Amanda is still laughing.)

To play: Answer this week’s Question Hat prompt on your own blog and then return here to leave a comment with a link to your post. Please remember to link to your post rather than your blog so people don’t have to search for it.

A link back to Question Hat would be greatly appreciated!

Our question for this week is: Do you have a favorite quote or line? From a book? From a movie? A famous person quote? Or just something someone once said that really stuck with you?

My answer: I have two. One is a quote I found on the internet when I was a teen that I just couldn’t shake. It sort of became my life motto. It’s a quote from Galileo Galilei.

Of course, we all know that Galileo was a famous Italian astronomer and scientist who supported the theory that the Earth revolved around the sun, heliocentrism, and was tried for heresy by the Inquisition. He spent the latter part of his life under house arrest because of it. His quote means many things to me. There can be no light without darkness and beauty can be found in darkness. As a Pagan, this quote takes on a new meaning for me. It’s about balance and how the universe and nature has both light and dark aspects and needs them both. We would never see the stars if we did not have the dark night. There is nothing to fear in the balance between light and dark and those who can manage both within themselves are truly enlightened. Galileo’s quote has been a favorite of mine for about 15 years.

The second quote is more recent and from a movie.

Russell Crow says this in his 2010 movie Robin Hood. Never give up, as simple as that. If you never give up, you will rise above yourself with each triumph and become more than you were before. Boys can become Kings. Girls can become Queens. Lambs can become lions. Perseverance in life is what will make a person great. (Despite what some people think, this quote isn’t from the Bible. It was created by the screenwriters for the movie. Not all quotes that stick with people have illustrious beginnings.)

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