Update on the cat.

A quick note before I post my next book review.

I have a sick cat. The blood tests on Boots came back showing she had pancreatitis. Just like for a human, this means her pancreas is inflamed and possibly leaking acid into her stomach cavity. It’s very painful. She’s at the Vet right now getting intravenous fluids, nutrients, and antibiotics. Boots could heal, or she could…not. She’s old and her age is against her. I’d appreciate if you’d keep her in your thoughts.

My kitty, Boots.


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I'm a 34 year old female. Brown hair. Blue eyes. I spend a great deal of my time surfing the internet and blogging. I enjoy cooking. I make a mean sautéed vegetable dish. I write. I read.

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  1. Oh, she’s beautiful…I’m sending all the positive thoughts that I can her way!

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