Know Me Better – Dec. 8

Good morning everyone! I Am A Reader, Not A Writer has put up another Know Me Better meme post on her webside. The Know Me Better meme is where Kathy gives a few of the interview questions she’s used on her guest authors to answer ourselves.

Pet Peeves?
People cracking their knuckles. It’s a horrible sound and I hate it. I know it doesn’t hurt and can even feel good for the person, but the sound just shivers up my backbone and I get the heebie-jeebies.

Give us a glimpse into a typical day in your day starting when you wake up till you lie down again.
My cat starts jumping all over me around 6am. What follows is an hour of me pushing her off the bed until my alarm goes off at 7am. I feed the cat, get dressed, and get to work by 8am. Honestly, after that is about 2 hours of piddling and surfing the internet until something prints out or someone requests something and I have something to do. I do the mail at 11am and go to lunch at 12pm. I do the phones for Bobbi from 1pm to 2pm as she goes to lunch. Then I spend a few hours doing any overnight requests and stamping engineering drawings. This is interspaced by requests for supplies, ink, small odd jobs around the office, and any weird information that an engineer might think they suddenly need. At 4pm I go back up to do the phones as Bobbi leaves (and who’s damn bright idea was it for an office in the central time zone to handle the calls for an office in the eastern time zone. Nobody is there in the Florida office after 4pm and all I get are cranky assholes who can’t read a clock and thinks somebody should be there for them after office hours. Fuckers.) and then at 5pm I get to go home. Upon arrival at home I stop the cat’s bid for freedom out the door, feed her, feed myself, watch TV or a movie, surf the internet, attempt to reading around a cat who won’t sit still, and then go to bed around 10pm, maybe 11pm. Thrilling, isn’t it? Depending on the day, I might even have to fight down the sudden urge to kill someone. Fun!

Pizza or Pasta?
Pizza! But not just any pizza. Chicken pizza with white sauce and garlic. I make it myself and it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had. I rarely ever order pizza in because I can make a pizza that’s ten times as better myself. I am the pizza Queen.

Finish the sentence – one book I wish I had written is….
Can I be completely selfish and say Harry Potter? Come on! You know that Harry Potter rules the world now. I want to write the book that rules the world and has movies and action figures and shit. [pouts] Or Lord of the Rings. Either or, I’m not picky.

Favorite sport?
To play or to watch? I hate sports. I find them boring to watch and pointless to play. Volley-ball is okay to play if I have to choose. You know what I really miss? Dodge-ball. I haven’t played dodge-ball since elementary school. You know what I’m talking about right? That game where you throw a ball across the gym and try and hit a person on the other team? I loved that game as a kid. It took me forever to figure out that the middle school wouldn’t let us play it anymore because they thought it too violent. Dodge-ball was fun! Dodge-ball was a game! Everything else was just exercise. [scowl]


About Patricia @ Lady with Books

I'm a 34 year old female. Brown hair. Blue eyes. I spend a great deal of my time surfing the internet and blogging. I enjoy cooking. I make a mean sautéed vegetable dish. I write. I read.

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  1. Who needs an alarm clock when one has a hungry cat! lol

  2. Will you come make me some pizza? Or maybe send me a recipe? I love homemade pizza, but I rarely make it. I should change that.

  3. I love pizza too! I could eat it every day for every meal! Doesn’t really matter what toppings, but it HAS to have tomatoes!
    Here’s Mine

  4. Oh, I forgot, I HATE when people crack their knuckles!!! I’m always telling my kids to STOP IT!!

  5. I HATE when people crack their knuckles. OMG! My brother always used to do it and I just cringe. I don’t know how they can do it. PIZZA! YUM I wish I could make excellent pizza. But to be honest I have never really tried. It seems like a lot of work. I’m usually a pretty good cook when I do put in the effort though. I should try but there are a ton of fabulous pizza places around me so I never do. I hate sports too and who doesn’t love Harry Potter. I’ll be completely selfish and say I wish I wrote then not just because they are great books but because I would be a billionaire and able to take care of my family.

    Visit my Know me Better!

  6. You would hate being around me! I crack mine a lot and each finger cracks at least twice! Fifteen minutes later, I can do it all again. Here’s mine:

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