Booking Through Thursday – Characters or plot?

This week’s question: What’s more important to you? Real, three-dimensional, fleshed-out fascinating characters? Or an amazing, page-turning plot?
(Yes, I know, they are both important. But if you had to pick one as being more important than the other?)

If I had to choose between cardboard characters and a mind-numbing plot, then I’d have to say that the plot was more important. Lackluster characters I can deal with but a bad plot is torture. I can imagine personalities and details for a character but it’s a bit hard to have really great characters that aren’t doing anything. For me, the plot is more important. That being said, if the characters were repulsive enough than no amount of great plot would probably get me through the book. There has to be at least some glimmer of life in even a uninteresting character or else I’d probably just give up and move on to a different book.


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