Know Me Better – Christmas

Hey everybody! Kathy over at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer has this week’s Know Me Better post up. This week our questions are all Christmas themed.

Red or Green?
Green. I look horrible in red. It makes my face seem even more rosy than normal. Plus, green is the color of growing things and blood makes me faint.

Favorite Christmas Carol?
We Three Kings of the Orient. A page with lyrics and a sample of piano music can be found here.

What do you want for Christmas?
Peace on Earth and for my workplace to let me on Facebook. I hate that stupid ‘net nanny thing. And a gift card for books. And my cat to stop waking me up at 5am for breakfast.

Favorite Holiday Treat?
My grandmother’s chocolate cake! I have the recipe and it tastes just fine when I make it, but it is never quite the same.

Favorite Holiday Tradition?
Going to my grandparents’ house for Christmas and having dinner around the same table. It was pretty much the only tradition my family had for the holidays and I miss it greatly.


About Patricia @ Lady with Books

I'm a 34 year old female. Brown hair. Blue eyes. I spend a great deal of my time surfing the internet and blogging. I enjoy cooking. I make a mean sautéed vegetable dish. I write. I read.

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  1. I can’t get on facebook at work either! When they block twitter or blogspot I’ll be in real trouble!

  2. Net Nanny oh no! LOL Everyone needs more books! My kitty isn’t such an early riser luckily. Chocolate cake sounds delicious and it is nice to set around the table with family.

    Visit My Know Me Better

  3. haha my cat wakes me up at 4 AM because she wants to go out lol 😛 She knows that the breakfast will come when we wake up 😛

  4. Oh my, I would also wish for more sleep if my pet kept waking me up at 5 in the morning. Luckily my dogs sleep until we all wake up.

    My “Know Me Better”

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