Book Review: White Cat by Holly Black

I often feel a little silly writing the first paragraph of my reviews. I generally like most books I read and it has to be truly dreadful to get a bad mark from me. There are little things in a book that might put a reader off but I sometimes feel as if I’m being childish pointing them out. White Cat by Holly Black was another book I first saw on another book blog and they gave it only a middling grade. Okay but not great, if you know what I mean. I put it on my TBR pile because it had an interesting blurb, despite the so-so review. I liked it a tad more than the first reviewer appeared to but I wasn’t blown away. White Cat counts for my 1st in a series challenge and my 2012 book total.

Cassel comes from a family of curse workers, people with the skill to use magic through touch. Curse workers cause the population of this world to wear gloves to prevent themselves from being “worked”, or having a curse put on them. However, curse working is illegal and most people who have the ability are criminals. Cassel is the single non-curse worker in his whole family, making him the proverbial black sheep. He makes up for it by running petty cons and being a bookie at his boarding school. Oh, and three years ago he killed his best friend in cold blood. Didn’t he? If only Cassel could remember…

There is an odd bit of world building in this story that I thought was rather jerky. Because there are curse workers, everybody wears gloves to avoid being touched whether or not they themselves have the ability. The rest of the world looks just like ours. I can’t figure out if the little difference is genius or what makes it so unsettling. It’s as if our world is just slightly tilted wrong and it makes the reader feel very uneasy. I don’t know if I should applaud Holly Black or squirm in discomfort. Like the book I reviewed before this, Heist Society by Ally Carter, White Cat is all about family. But where the other book is about how family should stick together, this is all about how family can screw you over in the worst ways. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. With popcorn!

I was all proud of myself for figuring out the secret on page 144 but then the author did the big reveal about three chapters later and burst my bubble. (It’s a little game of mine to see how quickly I can figure out the plot twist and whether or not I’m right by the end. I pretty much fail at it.) There are enough clues sprinkled throughout the book for it to be obvious and if you take into account that all of Cassel’s family are jerks, then you will figure the secret out way quicker than I did. Just assume that everything Cassel’s brothers do is to fuck him over and you are good to go.

White Cat has a male main character, written in third person. As a reader of young adult books, having a male main character sets this book apart. It’s almost always a young teenage girl in fantasy books these days and having a boy in White Cat is a breath of fresh air. My favorite book of 2011, Witchlanders by Lena Coakley, also had a male main character and I’m always excited to find the same in other books. While not as perfect as Witchlanders, White Cat by Holly Black is very nicely written. Cassel is confused and a tad helpless in his situation, just doing the best he can. Lila is, well, a bit of a brat and I rather prefer her as a cat. Cassel’s friends, Sam and Daneca, are awesome. I think every good story has to come with a set of awesome friends. I often like them more than I like most main characters.

I seem to be developing a crush on books about crime families. This is the second book I’ve read this last week with a family of crooks! White Cat by Holly Black ended up being a good book; not fantastic but worth the read. Black was involved in The Spiderwick Chronicles, which I adore, but this book lacked that spark I was hoping to find again from her. I don’t have any major complaints about the book but it didn’t wow me either. There are two sequels, which I do plan to read.

White Cat by Holly Black
Published May 4th 2010 by Margaret K. McElderry
310 pages
Curse Workers #1


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  1. I’ll be curious to see what you think of Red Glove…I haven’t picked it up yet because although I enjoyed White cat…it was nothing spectacular.

    • Patricia @ Lady with Books

      Yeah, it’s hard to read the rest of a series if the first book didn’t pop. I want to read Red Glove because I want to see how Cassel deals with having his whole world blown apart. I’ll be very disappointed if somebody doesn’t get bitch-slapped.

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