Booking Through Thursday – Jan. 26

Our question for this week is: What’s more important: Good writing? Or a good story? (Of course, a book should have BOTH, but…)

These questions probably mean different things for me than for your average reader. Since I read both published works and fanfiction, I have two different standards for stories. (Pause: Fanfiction is an amateur story based on a TV show, movie, or book. The characters have already been created and those who write fanfiction are just borrowing the characters to have their evil way with them. Fanfiction and fanart is the highest form of flattery, in my opinion, because it means that the fans love the characters so much that they feel compelled to add to it. Fan created stories and art are done in good faith and aren’t considered plagiarism because nobody is claiming to own the characters.)

Fanfiction is edited and reviewed mostly by other fans, if that, and small spelling and grammar mistakes are often overlooked where in a published book they might have more of a negative impact. It’s posted to the internet and for the most part only has the author to double check for mistakes. The style of writing in fanfiction is also very different from books. It’s much more given to contemplation and stream of thought situations. Very wordy and slow for those not used to it, in some cases. It’s a style of writing that would never fly in published works. Being amateur, fanfiction is given a bit more leniency than a published book. Not that there aren’t fanfiction writers who blow my mind in a way published books never have but it’s understood that the two mediums are completely separate and shouldn’t be viewed with the same rules.

That being said, if the story isn’t good, I’m not reading it. There are some truly horrible fanfiction out there from people who should never have been let near a computer. Book or fanfiction, it could be the cleanest, most articulate story ever but it’s got to have a good story. I can power through something written badly if it’s exciting enough but having a boring story is pretty much a killer for me.


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  1. Hi! I’ll answer your query with an example, I like doing that. Music: everyone has a preferred genre, even a favourite artist whose posters plaster their walls. The object of fanaticism is rarely classical music but this is what is deemed ‘real skill’. Among popular singers, Celine Dion’s voice is drooled over because she’s ‘technically perfect’. With respect to a fellow Canadian, I can’t bear her voice. And films that have won Oscar awards are seldom anything I would find pleasant to watch.

    I certainly believe in knowing who “the classics” are of literature and all entertainment. I enjoy some of it too. But reputation doesn’t gauge what I like. I’m with you: a fantastic story trumps fancy phrasing any day. Entertainment is whatever appeals to each of us personally.

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