Booking Through Thursday – Fanfiction?

Happy Thursday everybody! It’s once again time for Booking Through Thursday and our usual blog hop.

This week’s prompt is: Have you ever written any fan-fiction? If yes, why and for which book(s)? If no, would you like to and for which books(s)? For that matter, do you ever READ fan-fiction??

Oh my god! Another person knows about fanfiction! I must find this person and internet stalk them! (cough) Ok. I’m done.

I both read and write fanfiction. (Fanficiton is a fan created story based on a TV show, movie, or book.) When I was a teenager (oh god, I’m old! When the hell did I get old!), fanfiction was pretty much all I read. I lost entire summers to the internet and fanfiction. I really get into a fandom and exhausted all resources until something else catches my eye. (Ooh shiny!) This has included through the years: several anime series, several 90’s cartoon shows, the Highlander TV show, everything Star Trek, the Lord of the Rings books, the Lord of the Rings movies, the Merlin BBC show, the Sherlock BBC show, the Sherlock Holmes books, any movie Robert Downey Jr. has ever been in including Ironman and the Sherlock Holmes movies, any movie James Mcavoy has ever been in but mostly X-Men First Class, the Grimm TV show, and probably more that I’ve just read but haven’t written anything in. Those listed above are fandoms I’ve both read and written for. Like I said, entire summers were lost to the internet back then. (We had dial-up back then too. You can imagine the arguments about me tying up the phone line 24 hours a day. Evil parents, trying to get me to go outside and play!)

I think the first fanfiction I ever read or wrote was for Sailor Moon. God, there’s a flashback. It was the late 90’s and Sailor Moon was the first taste of anime (Japanese cartoons) I had ever gotten. I was hooked. I spent a stupid amount of money buying DVD’s in the early 2000’s before Netflix caught on and I could get the shows through a rented disk. I still watch a huge amount of anime but it’s less all-consuming now than it was back then. Almost everyone I know has at least read fanfiction from Star Trek. Kirk and Spock are like, the original pairing and Star Trek was really the first show where fanfiction appeared in mass on the internet. Now, sites like livejournal and allow for easy access and posting. Anyone with half a brain cell has posted some sort of fanfiction these days.

Why read fanfiction, you ask? Yes, some of it is completely stupid and shifting through the crap to find a good story can be exhausting but fanfiction is just the extension of the original source material. It’s a way to continue to immerse ourselves in the TV show, movie, or book after it’s done. It’s a way to get your own ideas out there and let your imagination run wild. In many ways, people find writing fanfiction easier because the characters are already there. Others find it harder because you are trying to match your writing to a character that already exists, trying to get the character’s ‘voice’ right. I mostly read and write fanfiction because it allows me to play out scenarios that would never have happened in the original source material, like a certain relationship or being able to focus on what was a secondary character. Fanfiction is like toys everyone can play with.


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  1. So much is bad but there is good out there.
    Check out my post

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