Musing Mondays – Book Series?

Happy Monday everyone! (Ugh, there’s something I thought I’d never say.) We’re at the end of February and it’s another Musing Monday over at Should Be Reading. Hello MizB!

Our question this week is: Do you read books that are part of a series?
Do you collect all the books in the series before starting? What if the series is brand new, and the only book that’s been published so far is Book one? As subsequent books in the series are published, do you go back and re-read the preceding books?

It would be pretty impossible to read YA books and completely avoid series. The series is king and queen in the young adult genre. But I don’t collect all the books in a series before starting. (You know, I’m beginning to feel as if I’m the only person who doesn’t buy all her books and just gets them from the library! All of you must be rolling money to be able to feed your book obsession by buying everything. I have a small personal library, mostly non-fiction, and get almost all of my books from the library. Yet everyone acts like they buy all their books. It must be nice having that extra cash! Ugh, I know that’s not true. I can’t be the only one who relies on the library but it sure seems like it sometimes!)

The library is pretty good about having all the books for a series. (I’ve only had one time where I had to request a book to be bought and that was because the last book was published over a decade ago. A huge gap.) So, as I finish one book I just head back for the next in the series. I don’t mind if it’s the first book in a series. (It’s rather nice to know you are starting fresh and part of the “it” crowd that read the series just as it was starting out.) It’s pretty rare to find a book where the story isn’t wrapped up nicely in the first volume. It’s bad taste to have major issues unresolved by the end of the first book even if the second book is going to follow soon after. Kind of like pausing a movie half way through. Tends to annoy people. I can’t remember reading a book that stopped short like that, to be continued in the next volume of the series. That author would probably get rocks thrown at their head and develop a bad reputation. Not a good career choice.

I rarely reread books and a good series will recap the events of the book before that one enough to jog readers’ memory. Even if it’s been a few years between publications, I can’t remember a time I had to reread a book for a series. Memory like a steel trap. (taps side of head and hears some rattling) Yeah. I have no patience for rereading books. I’ve read it once. I don’t need to read it again.

My favorite series? The Lord of the Rings Trilogy baby! I’ve read all three books and I have both the original text and the movie tie-in books. I’ve never read them completely more than once but I have gone back and reread my favorite sections a few times.


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  1. Yes, a good series will usually give you a brief outline of the previous books 🙂

  2. have to agree with LoTR! the best!
    I think whatever book it is in a series, it should be able to stand alone. it is up to the author to explain as much as we need to know fro the previous books to enjoy this one.

  3. I get 99% of my books from the library too – I don’t have the space nor the $$ to spend on all the books I read. I do buy some, but they have to be really special to me in some way. As for series – I definitely don’t get them all at once because I may not want to continue. But if I’m really hooked – like I was with The Vampire Academy series, then I’ll check out a few books at a time.

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