Feature & Follow – Long Books?

Thank god it is Friday. I have to get up early in the morning and help a friend with a yard sale. I hope it isn’t raining. It will be boring if it’s raining and we won’t make any money. Plus, I don’t want to have to carry crap back inside. Ugh, I need coffee.

Being Friday it means that it is now time for Parajunkee and Alison Can Read’s Feature and Follow meme. Please use which ever option from my side bar to follow me. I have good old RSS, Networked Blogs, and now the Linky Follow. Plus, if you have a WordPress account you can just follow me through them. Onwards and upwards!

This week’s prompt is: What is the longest book you’ve read? What are your favorite 600+ page reads?

I’m not a fan of long books. Between 300 and 400 pages is about right for me. My attention wanders otherwise. To Kill A Mockingbird and Rifles for Waite, both of which I was forced to read in high school, are in the low to mid 300’s. Most of the books by J.R. Tolkien are just shy of 400 pages. The Silmarillion is 386 pages. The Hobbit and the first two books of the trilogy are about the same. The third book, The Return of the King, is just over 500 pages.

I’ve read the Harry Potter books but I did so under extreme duress. I had read The Lord of the Rings because of the movies coming out. So, I thought I should be fair and read the Harry Potter books too. The first two books are just over 300 pages but every book after that shoots up by hundreds of pages. The Philosopher’s Stone is 310 pages and The Chamber of Secrets is 341 pages. The longest book, which is not actually the last book, is The Order of the Phoenix at whooping 870 pages in the hardcover edition. The paperback is 896 pages! The Deathly Hollows hardcover edition is about a hundred pages less at 759 pages. Have you ever lined the Harry Potter series up and looked at it? You can tell the exact point when Rowling was given free rein of her books. They get stupidly huge at that point. (These are supposed to be children’s books.)


It took me almost a month to work my way through The Order of the Phoenix and by the time I was done I never wanted to see that book again in my life. I don’t think I have a favorite book over 600 pages. If it’s so big I can’t comfortably get through it in a week, then I’m not likely to start reading it.


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  1. The order of the phoenix was one of my least fav books of the series. Its rather slow.

  2. I haven’t read many books over 600 pages. And the favorite one I choose was 585 pages. Check out my FF here
    Happy reading 🙂

  3. I said Harry Potter too! Though I was so into the story I didn’t even notice the page numbers going by….they’re so amazing! Have a great Friday 🙂

    Here’s my FF!

  4. Although I like Goblet of Fire, it’s the last one of HP books I actually enjoyed. First three are the best, and that’s when the editor took their scissors and edited the hell out of them. 😉

    I’m a new follower via Linky!

    Here’s my FF. ♥
    Check my international giveaway!

  5. Hi there! I’m a new follower. The Harry Potter series was my pick too. Have a great Friday!

  6. melissaseclecticbookshelf

    Hmmmm….I enjoyed all of the HP books…I didn’t even notice their size. Though I will admit that Order did not translate well on the big screen…not sure if it’s size had anything to do with it though.

    Some of my more recent favorites that are long:

    The Passage (The Passage #1) by Justin Cronin 766 pages (My fav read of 2011 and one of my all time favs as well)

    A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1) by Deborah Harkness 579 pages


  7. If you consider the fact that the version of The Lord of The Rings I read was the one that’s one book with the 3 parts inside (1202 pages in the brazilian version), that would be the longest book I’ve ever read. But if you consider series to favorite 600+ page reads, hands down, Harry Potter. Not so much for the story, but for the feeling it brings me every time I think about it.

    I’m a new Twitter follower, btw!

    Murphy’s Library

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