Lena Coakley interview & a little bit about her new book

I was just reading through the author blog posts on Goodreads and came across Lena Coakley’s most recent. I adore Lena Coakley and her debut YA novel Witchlanders was my favorite book in 2011 (and I have yet to read a book in 2012 to knock it out of its place). She’s currently fishing for a publisher for her new book and Coakley posted a link to an interview she did for the blog Pub(lishing) Crawl where she revealed what her second book is about. Interview can be found here.

I was hoping for a sequel to Witchlanders, since the ending screams “to be continued” at the top of its lungs, but Coakley reveals that the new book is actually going to be, well, Narnia. I’m sorry, but a book where four isolated children (even if the Brontë children grow up to be literary giants as adults) travel to another world is The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Coakley admits that she won’t be writing the sequel to Witchlanders anytime soon, which is disappointing since it leaves readers hanging for what could be an annoyingly long time, but I will continue to follow Coakley and check out her next book when it becomes available to see if she can blow me out of the water a second time.

Excerpt from interview:
5. Well, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that a sequel does happen! And speaking of what you’re working on now… Can you tell us a bit about it?

Well, I think I can spill.  My next work is tentatively titled THE WORLDS BELOW and is about the four Brontë siblings.  The Brontës, including Charlotte Brontë who wrote Jane Eyre and Emily Brontë who wrote Wuthering Heights, were schooled mostly at home in a remote part of England during their teens.  Spurred on by each other and by the remoteness of their situation, the four of them—three girls and one boy—invented imaginary worlds, which they wrote about in great detail.  The premise of my book is that those worlds were real places that they had the ability to travel to—but for a price.

I’ve now traveled to the Brontë parsonage twice in order to research the book, and the last time I went I even got permission to access the Brontë archives!  In short: I am becoming a real Brontë nerd.


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  1. melissaseclecticbookshelf

    Eh, could be interesting I suppose. What a disappointment to those hoping for a sequel though


  2. Did Witchlanders sell well enough for there to be a sequel? I found it difficult to find and the Amazon ranking is pretty low. That may be what the author is saying without coming right out and saying it. Also, her website says she is “on sub.” Whether this means S&S rejected her option book or she left them, a break with her publisher is further indication that a sequel to Witchlanders is something we may never see. Too bad but probably not the author’s fault.

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