Musing Mondays – What do you mean, do with it?

I took a day of vacation on Monday and it was such nice weather that I ended up going out and completely forgetting to do my usual posts. So I’m sort of backtracking here. I wonder if I can post date this? Anyway, I had a wonderful time. I nearly fell into the Missouri River. It wasn’t the first time. I have a habit of clomping around the river bank on nice days. Yeah. It’s time for Should Be Reading’s Musing Monday! (A day late!)

Our question this week is: What do you do with the book before you start reading it?

Well, first I take it out for a nice meal and then maybe a walk through the park if the weather isn’t too hot. If I’m lucky I get a smooch by the end of the night and then possibly a second date. Maybe by the fourth or fifth date we can start with the reading. (My sarcastic meter is set too high.)

With a non-fiction book I flip through it, checking out headings and any lists, graphs, or pictures that are in the book. I check to see if there is any useful, easy to access reference information. I might skim a page or two somewhere in the middle just to make sure the writing isn’t too dry or mind numbing. I glance through the table of contents and the index. Generally making sure I’m not spending money on information I already have or some fluffy bunny’s Wiccan ramblings. I’m not interested in Pagan 101 books, no matter how pretty the cover or something like that.

For fiction books I read the bust jacket blurb and any foreword from the author that might be there. I flip through the book to make sure it’s not written in a style that will drive me crackers. (Letters!) I look at the cover, of course. Then I drive right in. (Afterward I offer the book coffee and a cigarette and see if it would like to cuddle.)

(I’m sorry. My mind is a dirty, dirty place and I can’t help myself.)

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I'm a 34 year old female. Brown hair. Blue eyes. I spend a great deal of my time surfing the internet and blogging. I enjoy cooking. I make a mean sautéed vegetable dish. I write. I read.

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