Book Blogger Hop – BEA & upcoming releases.

Book Blogger Hop

Ah, Friday! This week has felt like forever and we weren’t even at work on Monday. But we’ve come to the end of the week again without bloodshed (I hope) and it’s time now for the Book Blogger Hop from Crazy for Books.

Our question for this week: BEA Edition – What upcoming releases are you most looking forward to?

(sobs) I want to go to the BEA Bloggers Conference! But I know I’ll never get out to New York. I’m such a scaredy cat. I’m so jealous of everybody going and all the bloggers are going to come back and put up awesome posts about the conference and I’m just going to read them and sulk like a big sulking thing. Great, now I’m in a mood. (sniffle) I need chocolate.

Heavens! There are a lot of upcoming releases I’m looking forward to. I’m still looking forward to the Alice in Wonderland inspired Splintered by A.G. Howard.

The sequel to my LGBT favorite Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey, called Demon Eyes, is coming out this October.

The Peter Pan inspired Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson comes out July 3rd 2012.

The Summerkin, the sequel to Winterling, by Sarah Prineas is scheduled for publication in 2013.

The Cloak Society by Jeramey Kraatz is coming out October 2nd 2012. I adore stories told from unusual view points and what better than a story about the evil genius?

And my “super cannot wait for it, I’m going to die before it comes out” book is the sequel to my current favorite book, Anna Dressed in Blood, the upcoming Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake coming out August 7th 2012.

Oh boy! Look at all these awesome books!


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  1. I cannot wait for Girl of Nightmares! Great pick 🙂 And Splintered looks interesting…

    • Patricia @ Lady with Books

      I adore Alice in Wonderland. So anything with a hint of that gets put on my TBR pile. I’m super excited for Girl of Nightmares! I hope it’s as good as Anna Dressed in Blood was.

  2. First, are you signed up for Armchair BEA?? Please say you are! It’s the next best thing!! (not that I’ve been either)

    I wasn’t familiar with your list, but looked into Tiger Lily and that looks really good! My daughter’s favorite flower too and she sometimes goes by that nickname.

  3. I just recently read another blog that says there’s an “at-home” version of the BEA: Check it out 🙂

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