Wicked Wildfire Readathon – Challenge 4 & 5

Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon

Melissa from The Eclectic Bookshelf hosted challenge number 4 and tasked us with creating a sentence with at least 3 of the book titles she provided. The titles were:
Catching Fire
The Sandcastle Girls
Heat Wave
The Beach House
Born Wicked
Rising Sun
How to Ruin a Summer Vacation
That Summer

I ended up writing a small paragraph but the second sentence has 3 titles involved in it, so it counts.

The Sandcastle Girls were Born Wicked. They were responsible for The Beach House Catching Fire That Summer. We all remember the Heat Wave against the Rising Sun. They really know How to Ruin a Summer Vacation.

I couldn’t fit Solstice in there but I used everything else.

Challenge number 5 is hosted by Amanda at Letters Inside Out and she is indeed evil. We are tasked to write a love poem or song. Oh my god! These challegnes just keep getting harder and harder! First I need to figure out to which character or from which character the poem or song is going to be! I need my thinking cap on and then I need to get writing.

This poem is from Marco to Celia from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

I have loved you forever.
I have loved you before I meet you.
I have loved you before I heard you speak.
It seems as if I have always loved you.

You were a shadow to me,
And yet I loved you.
You were a challenge to me,
And yet I loved you.

I have seen you create wonders,
And I have created wonders for you.
You are my reason for life,
And for that I love you.

I have fallen in love with each word you spoke,
With each gesture you made.
I have fallen in love with every breathe you exhale,
With every time your heart beats.

You gave me life,
And so I have loved you forever.

It has occurred to me that without Celia and the challenge that Alexander would never have chosen Marco as his apprentice, would never have needed an apprentice at all. Celia is literally the reason Marco has the life he has now, taken from the orphanage and taught magic. His mysterious opponent has been his cornerstone since childhood and right now he and Celia are flirting with each other within the circus. They have both created wonders within the circus to impress each other. Marco would have every reason to love Celia deeply.

And that’s my poem.


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