October Fest Schedule

How was the first week of autumn for everyone? Well, everyone in the northern hemisphere anyway. In the Midwest our temperatures dropped big time over the last week and we’ve been knocking around the low 70’s during the day and falling into the low 50’s during the night. I had to pull out the space heater over the weekend! (I refuse to turn on the heating system until at least November.) It’s cold out there, baby!

September is coming to a close and as the new work week rolls around we shall be in October and the start of my October Fest. All month long I will post blog entries with an autumn and Halloween theme. We have spooky book reviews, some crafts and videos (courtesy of YouTube), a read-a-thon, and a couple giveaways. Here is the schedule:

Mondays will continue to have the Just A Picture feature and for the month of October will contain multiple picture post. (If anybody would like their picture featured, feel free to email me.)

Tuesdays will be book review day, where I will post a review for a spooky or creepy book.

Wednesdays will be a tricky treat or craft day.

Thursdays will be haunted video day.

Fridays will be a free post where everything and anything is game. (I am open to guest posts from other bloggers.)

When we return on Monday, October 1st I will have the monthly address video up as well as that day’s Just A Picture posts. Monday is also the start of the Frightfall Read-a-thon. The read-a-thon runs from October 1st to October 7th. I’ll post my projected reading list in a moment. This will kick off the October Fest.

On Tuesday, October 2nd I will post my book review of It Takes a Witch by Juliet Blackwell as well as the new October book releases for the first half of the month. (I normally wait until Wednesday for my book releases post but several of them actually have publish dates of October 2nd, so I thought I’d bump it up just this once.)

On Wednesday, October 3rd we will have the first of our spooky crafts with some painted blocks and I’ll show off my Halloween Town. (I love my Halloween Town!) If I can get off my butt this weekend and down to Main Street, I might have a new house to show off.

On Thursday, October 4th we will have the first of the video posts. (I have a thing for The Nightmare Before Christmas, ok? Don’t judge me!)

On Friday, October 5th we will have a free post where I will feature some haunted stories and superstations, including my own run-ins with the supernatural. (Including continued visits from my departed cats, my Grandmother, and my friend’s haunted apartment.)

Later in the month I will be having two giveaways. Come back on October 14th for the Something Wicked Comes blog and giveaway hop where I will be featuring Silence by Michelle Sagara and giving away one copy of the book. (US only) I am also participating in I’m a Reader, Not a Writer’s Spooktacular giveaway hop where I will be giving away one $15 gift card to Amazon. (INT. as long as Amazon ships to you.)

Oh boy! Busy, busy! A lot of people are having October and Halloween parties, so I’ll be making the rounds during those. There is a lot going on and I’m sure we’ll all be very busy for the next few weeks. I hope to see you all back here on Monday so we can kick of October with a bang. Until then, I remain faithfully yours.


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I'm a 34 year old female. Brown hair. Blue eyes. I spend a great deal of my time surfing the internet and blogging. I enjoy cooking. I make a mean sautéed vegetable dish. I write. I read.

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