things that go bump in the night …. or meow, as the case may be. my ghost story.

I will readily admit that I am as sensitive as a brick and like it that way but even I have a good number of spooky stories to share. First of all, I believe in ghosts. It’s kind of hard to be a Pagan and a witch and not believe in ghosts. The paranormal just creeps in and one learns to sort of go with the flow. My first brush with the paranormal was when I was young and I just knew there was something not right about my grandparents’ basement. It was a perfectly normal finished basement but even as I grew older and more rational I could not make myself feel anything other than uncomfortable and watched in that basement. It did not help that when my grandmother died I often had dreams where we’d be at the house and she’d suddenly turn to me and tell me I wasn’t dreaming. Of course, this always woke me.

In my parents’ house something would often walk down the hallway during both the day and the night. It was loud enough that we would often get up to check to see if a family member had come home. When my mother retired and was home all day she would often experience this and would walk into the living room to see if my father or I had come home early or something. We never were. I’m rather of the impression that we were in the way of something’s path and it was just passing through. My best friend used to have an apartment in a building built in the 1940’s and professed to have a ghost she called her ‘gentlemen caller’ for the fact that she could feel him leave when she undressed or showered. Last year after a night out we were crashing at her place and I was sleeping on the bed when I woke and stared toward the open doorway. Standing there was a large shadow, tall and wide in the shoulders. I knew it was only us three girls in the apartment and my friend had often spoken about her ghost. I stared for over a minute at this shadow as it gently swayed in the doorway. I’m rather proud of the fact that all I did was roll over and go back to sleep. That was the first time I had ever actually seen something.

About three years ago my cat, Little Bit, was diagnosed with an incurable disease and had to be put down. She was a grey cat and almost immediately after her passing I would see grey shadows out of the corner of my eye. I would hear meows when I was holding my other cat, Boots, and know the sound wasn’t coming from her. During the night, I would be woken by the sensation of a cat jumping up on my bed and bouncing across my legs but my door was closed. Both my parents and I slept with our doors closed because the cats would often disturb us if we left them open. My mother professed to having the same thing happen to her. In the sixth sense that pet owners often have, we would stop walking and look down just because we knew a cat was around our feet only to find nothing there. Both my mother and my father have said they often will glance down the hallway from the living room sofa and swear to seeing Little Bit poking her head out of the master bedroom. When I moved, I took Boots with me and when she died last spring I started seeing black shadows (Boots was a tuxedo cat) out of the corner of my eye and also had the sensation of a pet jumping up on my bed at night. I would also be startled awake by the sensation of fur and whiskers on my cheek and the sound of sniffing in my ear. (Dear departed kitty or not, I did not enjoy that one much.)

Whether you think ghosts are a giant crock or that the souls of the once living really do come back, I can’t deny the things that have happened to me. I don’t seek these things out and I really don’t want to meet a ghost but my belief system and religious practices means that I often come in contact with what can be termed as the paranormal. Perhaps I am casting circle and can feel the deity’s presence or I’m walking by an old building and just get a chill. The old places of the world just have a weight to them. But I know that these things are just out of view, on the other side of the veil. Sometimes we come in contact.

What about you? Ever seen a ghost?


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