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Welcome to the 2012 Spooktacular Giveaway Hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. There are hundreds of blogs participating, so please take a look at the linky and visit some other giveaways.

For this giveaway you have a chance to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card.

1) Giveaway is International. Open to anywhere that Amazon ships to.
2) Contest is open from October 24 to November 1. So through Halloween.
3) You may enter once.
4) I require only that you follow me. I don’t care how. You can follow my Twitter, Google+, Linky Followers, Email Subscription, RSS, or through WordPress if you so desire. Follow me however you want and in the extra info put which method you followed me and under what username if different from log in. All follow options can be found on the right sidebar.
5) This is one prize and one winner.
6) Winner must have valid email address. Failure to respond within 72 hours (3 days) will result in a new winner being chosen.
7) I reserve the right to somehow mess this up and/or do something stupid. Possibly both.

Because WordPress is a snot, I can’t post the Rafflecopter widget or giveaway linky to my blog. Please click here to enter.

Thank you so much and good luck!


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  1. My favorite Halloween memory was as a child, I dressed up as a nurse and was given a dollar during trick or treating.

  2. I remember a haunted house that was so scarey that all the men were more scared than the women. It was the funniest thing to me. thanks

  3. Love your blog – really spooktacular wallpaper (and fabu banner)! ;D

  4. We don’t celebrate Halloween where I live, but I get to dress up in costumes during conventions 😀

  5. I dressed up as jasmine on my first trick or treat.

  6. we don’t celebrate halloween a lot in my country but my roleplaying club makes special tchullu session when we can dres up ( style 1920 etc) i’m helping with teh decoration and in charge for the meals ^^ it was really fun because that’s 3years i serves them the same thing and they sill can’t guess what it is ^^;; so all supposition come flying some even completly absurd^^

  7. We don’t have Halloween in Australia, but I do love all the books that come out for Halloween.

  8. I remember one year my sister and I dresses up as Raggedy Ann and Andy. She was quite a bit older so that was the last time we trick or treated together

  9. Veronika Briseño

    I Loved to go see the decorations of the houses on my neighborhood

  10. When I was 6 I dressed up as Raphael from TMNT. I thought I was so cool lol.

  11. Two years ago, our daughter couldn’t make up her mind on what she wanted to be. So the day before, my sweet husband took her and was at Toys R Us looking through what was left. She started shouting at a ladybug costume, “this is what I want! This is what I want!” So he grabbed it, checked out and ran home. He was so proud of himself when he pulled it out to show me! I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was the wrong size! Bless his heart, it took everything I had not to laugh. So, thank goodness I know my way around a needle and thread, I was able to make the costume work, so as not to hurt his feelings.

    To this day, he still doesn’t know it was the wrong size or that I altered it, and it will go down as one of his proudest moments. Just adorable! 🙂

    Thanks for a great giveaway, and Happy Halloween! 🙂

    songbird1613 at yahoo dot com

  12. We don’t celebrate Halloween where I live

  13. We don’t celebrate Halloween over here, but this year I plan to read a book of ghost stories to get into the mood.

  14. I am originally from India. This would be my first time celebrating Hallowee, in the US. Looking forward to it!!

  15. we don’t really do halloween here. I do remember eating loads of sweets anyway though!

  16. When I was younger there would be this Halloween event in a street closeby where all the kids dressed up and went trick or treating. It was so much fun. There was also a booth to get pumpkin soup and drinks and all that. Loved it. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Sorting through candy at the end of the night and trading with my brother!

  18. Trading candy with cousins.

  19. I dressed up as a ninja to a Halloween party while the rest of my friends didn’t even have costumes.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

  20. The haunted house we made my Senior year of high school in the back of my house, my parents have a acre of land and it was huge, we charged a $2 per person and raised money for my class!

  21. We don’t really celebrate Halloween here I live but I remember as a kis I liked carving pumpkins and decorate them 🙂

  22. We don’t celebrate halloween in my country but I always have a movie night with friends watching horror movies 🙂
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  23. My country doesn’t really celebrate Halloween so I never did anything on the day but I remember one year when I was a child painting my dolls really creepily and making my own haunted house. It was a lot of fun. Thank you! 🙂

  24. I remember one year a boy I liked didn’t like me back so me and my best friend TP’d his house! I feel bad now. Well, not really 🙂
    Thanks for being a part of this hop and the awesome prize!
    Best wishes,

  25. We don’t celebrate Halloween here in the Philippines but me and my sibling have a tradition of watching scary movies until midnight. 🙂

  26. In my last year of high school, my friends and I ordered custom made sailor scout (from sailor moon) outfits from ebay and we paraded through the school in them during the day. So many people thought it was a really cool idea. Then we went out as a group for our last trick-o-treat together. It was great!

    -Debbie W.

  27. I remember going through a haunted house as a teenager and my brother was behind me screaming and pushing me ahead!

  28. Thanks for the giveaway!! Super excited
    When I was about 6, I went trick-or-treating with my aunt and siblings and we got to a very very decorative house. I was scared to climbed up the 5 stairs walk way up to the house but my aunt was like ‘it’s not scary, just go’. And so up the stairs I went and the next thing I know a wolf man jumping out of the bush atop the stairs and scared the hack out of me that I didn’t even went to receive my candy from him when he yelled out sorry as I ran to the next house 2 doors down.
    That was not fun but a very funny story now.

  29. I remember getting all geared up for Halloween when I was like ten, only to have it snow. Had to cover up my costume with a parka.

  30. I remember how exciting it was when I was a kid to go trick or treating and it seemed to take forever to get dark.

  31. dressing up as Princess Leah and everyone else in Star Wars costume

  32. I went as Elvira years ago. Dyed my hair black. Was that awful color for a year! LOL

  33. I remember my nephew’s first Halloween. We dressed him up as Superman and took pictures of him and the dog dressed as a skeleton together. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. My brother, sister-in-law and I all dressed up one year as characters from the Wizard of Oz. He was the wicked witch, she was good witch Glinda and I was Dorothy. It was so much fun!

  35. I remember going to a really fun Halloween party where they had a prize for the worst costume! There were some creative choices:)

  36. I remember being scared to pieces at my first haunted house (age 14). Several of the scary actors chased a group of us screaming girls down the street and into the woods. I seriously thought they were going to chainsaw massacre us or something!!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway opportunity!

  37. I remember the princess costume that my mother made for me when I was 12.

  38. Dressing up as a witch and winning a costume party.

  39. never join any halloween party T_T

  40. When my now grown kids were 2 and 4 I dressed them up as a witch and a devil. They were so cute and we had so much fun trick or treating at family and friends.

  41. The only real halloween memory that stands out is being sick from eating too much candy!

  42. Dressing up with my children each halloween. they love it!

  43. Jessica Robinson

    I remember going through a haunted house when I was 12, I had to be pulled out early.

  44. I remember really enjoying making my costumes. My favourite one was the ladybug, which I sewed from scratch. Thanks! 😀

  45. One year me and my sister made our own costumes

  46. When I was a kid, my mom made me a “hobo” costume. She cut heart-shaped and square-shaped patches out of fabric and sewed them on my jeans. I put black shoe polish on my face for a “beard” and tied a bandanna on a stick to carry over my shoulder with some stuffing in the bandanna sack to fill it out. It was my favourite costume! I still have those jeans!! I wouldn’t let my mom take the patches off after Halloween, and I have kept them all these years!

  47. we just made memories as a Halloween party yesterday when the husband and I went as Hall and Oates 🙂

  48. I loved dressing my son and taking him out when he was younger!

  49. donnablhmistress

    My favorite memory is the first time I took my son trick or treating.

    rafflecopter name: Dawna Newman

  50. I remember when I was five and the Halloween of 1991. I was a mermaid that year; my mom had spent weeks on my costume, and sprayed sparkles and put shells in my hair. (I loved that costume….) Now, here’s the real memory part. Any kid who was old enough to trick or treat and lived in Minnesota in 1991 probably remembers the three feet of snow dumped on us. Still, my mom and I trekked out to the car (the snow drifts were higher than I was!), and we went trick-or-treating at the local mall, then hit the local school Halloween party. It was very cool, despite all the snow.

  51. I don’t celebrate Halloween because of my country but would like to have kitty ears and a tail!

  52. I remember carving pumpkins with my family and in the end they all looked horrible, but we still had fun!

  53. Jeanette Jackson

    My neighbors always knew it was my sister and I at the door because we were always the first kids to come knocking.

  54. I remember my daughter’s first Halloween as a princess. 🙂

  55. I remember going through my first Haunted House and I was so afraid I tried to run out but I got lost. I haven’t gone into a Haunted House since

  56. My favourite halloween is when I go trick and treat and have lots of TREATS after the halloween and when i go back home… my family actually hid all my treats and I have to go early easter bunning hunting around my house for my treats… boy was I mad… but it was kinda fun going around my house hunting for my sweets…

  57. I always dressed up as a princess! Thanks for participating in the Spooktacular Blog hop!

  58. I remember one Halloween when I was little and trick-or-treating when me and my nephews went to this one house one of the statues in the yard was really a person dressed as a werewolf and he jumped up and chased me down the driveway. It really freaked me out.

  59. We don’t have Halloween here, but I love watching horror movies during Halloween!

  60. Carving pumpkins with my family and also the years I went trick or treating.

  61. I always enjoyed the trick-or-treating when I was a kid. Back in the 50’s, things were much simpler and kids could go out without worrying about taking homemade treats.

  62. My husband and I’s first date was on Halloween and we were sitting in the downtown Park here in Orlando–It was a beautiful night by the lake. A guy dressed as Jason walked slowly in front of us and stopped. Then his small speaker on his belt started playing the tinky piano Jason music. I looked right at him and deadpanned “Nice!” He walked off and we heard other people screaming at him.

  63. Dressing as my sports hero, Pete Rose

  64. I don’t get dressed up but all my students do. Then thte whole school goes to the gym and we dance to Monster Mash
    deanna_boocock (at) hotmail.com

  65. I remember when I was a kid we went to a mall for the first time and was surprised all the shops had candy and a bunch of kids were there too getting candy! It was great because it was a rainy day so I wasn’t allowed to go house to house outside

  66. One Halloween night I had gone trick-or-treating as Queen Amidala from Star Wars. That night, I had a dream that I was trick-or-treating with my brother and battle droids from Star Wars attacked me thinking I was really Amidala.

  67. I remember always going trick-or-treating with my sister and my cousins with my mom and aunt driving us all around!

  68. I always wanted to be a cat for Halloween so my mom would make me a flannel cat costume and then after Halloween I got to wear my costume as pj’s. I’d wear them till I couldn’t squeeze myself into them any longer

  69. My favorite memories all have to do with my mom making the costumes for all us kids on Halloween. Now she makes them for the grandkids.

  70. I always loved squeezing the pumpkin insides between my fingers so that they oozed out. Totally grossed my Mom out. Good times 🙂

  71. We don’t really celebrate it here:)

  72. The best Halloween was the time me and my SIs rolled my uncle’s yard.

  73. When I was little a dressed up like a bee for Halloween and it was the last time! But I did get sick for eating to much candy 😦

  74. My favorite Halloween memory was the first time that I went trick or treating and my cousin got scared of a man dressed as Scream. His eyes got really big and he wouldn’t go to the door for candy, but we were the same age and I did because I wasn’t scared, haha. 🙂

  75. When we were kids my dad would scare us with his full on gorilla costume and chase us around!

  76. I remember being about 7 years old and not realizing that one of the houses had given my Father and Uncles jello shots and getting upset that I couldn’t have one. An odd memory, but something that stuck with me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. One time I got frostbite while wearing a dallas cowboys costume, still can’t feel my lower back

  78. Please count me in. Thanks!

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