Trick or Treat: Witch’s Hat

The witch’s hat project starts at your local craft store. There are a lot of premade forms for Halloween projects there. I was able to find papier-mâché witch’s hats are several places for around three dollars.

Now, paint that sucker black. I used acrylic craft paint in matte black. Let it dry for about an hour.

Now that you have a blank black witch’s hat you can paint whatever you want on there. It’s at this point where you will discover the hard way that the acrylic paints you have will for some unearthly reason not paint smoothly onto the surface of your black witch’s hat. But! Never fear! Because you can always turn to craft paint pens. Paint pens are easy to use and will adhere to anything. Some find that using paint pens, especially for letters, are much neater than trying to paint in a straight line.

For my witch’s hat I used a white paint pen to write “The Witch Is In.” around the rim of the hat. I then used a metallic silver pen in draw stars around the words and up the cone. Metallic colors are bit harder to find but it can be done. I also had a selection of Halloween ribbon. Of course, when trying to glue it on I discovered the laws of physics will not bend to my will and I would not be able to get the ribbon to lie flat on the curved hat. Annoying. So I was forced to glue the ribbon at one place in the back and let it rest at the bottom as you see here in the second photo.

Here is my completed hat.

Happy Halloween!


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