Friday Ramble #1 (12/7/12)

We’re going to call this the Friday Ramble. It may or may not turn into a weekly thing. It may just be a when I feel like it thing. Basically, I’m just going to talk with my fingers and you’re going to get every little thought that pops up in my head. If you’re lucky, it will even be book related. (Although I doubt that.) Fair warning; I have two hours of sleep and I’m running on my less than stellar willpower and coffee. Because if I had more willpower I would have gotten off the internet and gone to bed at a decent time last night. But I don’t, so I spent the night on the computer, even though I knew I would have to get up early today to answer phones at work because the regular receptionist is on vacation. Thus, two hours of sleep. I’m probably a public danger right now.

coffee zombieI heard that in 2013 “internet addiction” will become an official disorder. Yeah, I’m already there. Have been since I was a teen. So, around fifteen years or so. I can easily spend a whole day on the internet. Entire summers during high school were spent on the internet. But I’m an adult now (damn it) and I have to work for a living and now my internet time is limited to evenings and weekends. It’s just not enough. Thus, the occasional 48 hour stint. As a gal getting dangerously close to 30 years old, this is not as easy as it used to be. Instead of drinking a few Mountain Dews and being a bit wired like I was as a teen, I am now a walking zombie complete with moan desiring only coffee and other caffeine filled beverages. I’m not even sure caffeine affects me anymore. Too many Mountain Dews in my youth. (Interesting enough, I can’t stand Mountain Dew anymore. It was all my family drank when I was a teen and now a single sip just turns my stomach.)

Oh, Happy Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. I listened to Roosevelt’s “This day will live in infamy” speech will driving into work this morning (in the damn dark, oh my god, it’s just not right being up before the sun rises). The History Channel will probably run on the TV in the lunchroom all day long, forcing us all to relearn every detail of the beginning of World War 2 for America all over again. I’m a History minor but an ancient history minor. Modern history bores the crap out of me. My father is obsessed with the World Wars. Books on the World Wars are his default Christmas presents. I wish the rest of my family was as easy to shop for. Mostly I just get them holiday scratchers tickets and hope I get a little kick back if they win anything. (Nobody ever wins anything but the possibility of winning something is exciting despite that.)

I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever read a book on World War 2 that wasn’t a school text book. I don’t think so. I find most text books dry and incredibly boring and I have no interest in war fiction. A good 99% of what I read is paranormal or at least fantasy based. Life is depressing enough without reading books that are just as depressing. (A blackbird just flew into the front window of the building. They do that sometimes when the huge flocks start flying around. I think it’s okay, just stunned. I’ll watch it for a while to make sure it’s okay. I can practically hear the little birdie voice going “Dudddde! Wha jus happened?”)

I’m sorry. I get weird when I’m sleep deprived.

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