Booking Through Thursday – Any book gifts this year?

btt2 Our question for this week is: Any books you’re particularly hoping to be gifted this year? Any that you’re giving as presents this holiday season?

Bah humbug! No, really, I love Christmas. I’m sitting at work right now in a holiday shirt and antler horns headband because today is our Christmas party and we can win prizes if we make fools of ourselves. (I have no dignity. High school burnt it out of me.) My cubicle is decorated. My apartment deck has garland strung around it and I have a pretty wreath on my front door. I love Christmas. Christmas is just something that happens to other people. Since the death of my maternal Grandmother, the whole holiday thing has fallen to the wayside. I won’t bore you with details but my family is small and doesn’t really bother with that anymore. I know. It depresses me too.

It’s been years since I’ve actually shopped for gifts for my family and even though my mother is a veracious reader, she has a Kindle and prefers to read off of that. I guess I could get her a gift card but what’s the point in that? She also reads romances, which bore me to tears. When I was a teen I used to get gift cards to bookstores because nobody wanted to be bothered to actually go out and get the books themselves. When I was about 12 or 13 years old my Uncle and Aunt (this is back when my Grandparents were alive and we actually made an effort to gather for the holidays) gave me a couple books. (One of which had an incestuous relationship in it. I don’t think they looked too closely at what they were buying.) So, no, I don’t expect to be getting any books this year. I expect to be handed a check, which will be spent on gas and groceries because being an adult sucks.

cheshire-cat-10I am, however, giving a book as a gift. My friend Jamie’s little daughter is about a year and a half old and she will be getting a copy of The Little Prince from me. Allyson is already amazingly talkative and I know Jamie works with her none stop to develop those skills. Everyone needs their own copy of The Little Prince. A couple months ago I gave her a colors book with an Alice in Wonderland theme and now she can point to all the pictures and say the colors. She can even tell the Cheshire Cat is both pink and purple and that Alice’s dress is blue and her hair is yellow. She’s a good kid. (As long as she’s had her nap.) I thought about getting her the Horton Hears a Who popup book but it said ages 3 and up and I thought she’d tear it to pieces at her age. I’ll wait a few more birthdays to give her that.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Kristin@Bloodsweatandbooks

    I find that because I’m such a big reader Book related gifts are easiest to buy for me. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get something non bookish.

    Check out my BTT

  2. melissaseclecticbookshelf

    You sound almost as down on the holiday as I am. I may get books this year because we’ve finally gotten to the point in my family (even with my husband) where people just requets that you send them an online link to a product. Good grief…talk about sucking the joy out of the holiday. So I might get a book or two as I did send a few links for books in addition to some household gadgets. Wonder if my husband will notice that 75% of the links I sent him were things household items for him…HA.

  3. My son has two books on his Christmas list that he will get. I always got books for every occasion when I was growing up. In my Easter basket, in my Christmas stocking, for a job well done. Since I receive so many books for review, I think it’s hard for friends and family to buy books for me!
    2 Kids and Tired Books BTT

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