Friday Ramble #3 (12/21/12)

merryyuleWelcome back to the Friday Ramble, where I share what’s been going on with me the past week. First of all, Merry Yule! Today is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, and the first official day of winter. It was also the day the Mayan calendar ran out and the world was supposed to end. Since I had to get out of my nice warm bed and go to work this morning, you can see that didn’t happen. Believe it or not, from this point on the days will be getting longer. In a week or two you will be able to see a sliver of sunset light when driving home from work instead of driving in complete darkness.

I’m just finally getting over the cold I got last week. I ended up missing the Yule gathering on Saturday. I woke up and there was just no way I was up to dealing with the drive down to Affton and then being social with people. I was coughing and sneezing and nobody wants to be around that. I did end up fielding several calls and text message from my friend Grace (sweet girl but a fruit cake and an extrovert, meaning I can only take her in small doses) about the Yule gathering because she doesn’t have a computer and couldn’t get the information herself. I don’t know how she lives without the internet. She and another friend of hers did manage to make it and had a good time. I slept most of the day. I think I was awake for all of four hours on Saturday.

On Sunday I dragged my butt out of bed and went to the store for tea and cookie ingredients. The cookie exchange was on Monday and I made cranberry oatmeal cookies. I burnt them a little but I like the type of nutty, caramel taste. Apparently I am the only one. (eyeroll) They are not burnt, I made them like that on purpose! The rest of the week was a couple of Christmas events and then yesterday was the holiday lunch. It was good. The pork was a little dry. We did a cake walk. Then we pulled tickets out of a hat for prizes under the tree. I got a ducky shower cap. Joy. Then we did the big prizes that you got tickets for if you donated food or a toy or did any of the activities. I won the candy gift basket that had a Schnucks gift card in it and a cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. I am pleased.

Next week is Christmas. I will try to have the next Featured Author post up on Monday. (I’ll be doing Diana Wynne Jones.) I don’t think there will be a post for Tuesday but Wednesday will have the usual Wishlist Wednesday post. We’ll see if the Booking Through Thursday question is interesting and on Friday you’ll get another Friday Ramble post. Somewhere in there will be a “My Favorite Books of 2012” post, a post detailing upcoming features for 2013, and possibly a post with my thoughts on The Hobbit movie if I get out this weekend to see it. I have a deep love for Martin Freeman, so I’m hoping the movie is at least tolerable.

Everybody have a good Friday and stay warm!

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