Friday Ramble #4 (12/28/12)

sickWelcome back to the Friday Ramble, where I share what has been going in my life the past week. First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I spent my Christmas sick. I spent all Saturday night in Urgent Care being dizzy and nauseous. I woke up that morning so dizzy the room was spinning and that had been the first time I’d ever experienced that. It was so bad I threw up and I rarely throw up. I’ve been sick with a cold that was lingering for over a week at that point, so I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me. The doctor (after almost 3 hours of waiting) told me I had an ear infection. My inner ear was swollen and inflamed, which messed with my balance, which gave me vertigo, which made me nauseous, which sucks. There is nothing that can be done, it will go away on its own in a couple of weeks (weeks!?), here are some pills to combat the symptoms, have a nice life. I’m ready for 2013 to start because the end to this year has not been good. I’d like to move on now!

sherlockholmesI spent the next three days asleep and, needless to say, did not make it to my family’s Christmas celebration. My Dad did stop by Christmas evening with a sick person care package with soda, leftover roast beef, and anything else my Mom could think to throw at me. Because I desperately needed two boxes of instant mashed potatoes and a bottle of milk apparently. Dad also brought my Christmas gift from my brother and his girlfriend. I can’t remember the last time any of my family bothered to buy gifts for each other. The girlfriend is a good influence. They got me a copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes. I’ve read most of the stories already (through audiobook mostly) but it’ll be nice to see the others. I might reread The Hound of the Baskervilles for the New Year. (I have a deep obsession with Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle, so kudos to my brother and his girlfriend for being spot on.)

In a few days it will be the New Year and 2013. I know we are all making the usual posts with our blog resolutions and favorite books of the past year. I made my favorite books of 2012 post yesterday, which just so happened to coincide with the Booking Through Thursday question for this week. Two birds, one stone. So, on Monday I’ll have the next Featured Author post up (Diana Wynne Jones) and on Tuesday I’ll have my review of Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake up and my own blog resolutions for you.

I read only 30 books this year. This is pitiful as I read that many in 2011 and I was only counting for half of that year since I started blogging in June. I don’t know what happened. I’ve read some awesome books. But I know that I’m also losing enthusiasm for ho-hum young adult fantasy/paranormal books. The repetitive patterns are driving me up the wall. I’m looking for something different. Maybe I should read more adult books? I’m not into chick lit and romance honestly bores me to tears just thinking about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some exciting books in 2013. (Suggestions?)

I’m hoping to finally get to see The Hobbit this weekend, since I spent last weekend imitating a bobblehead. I might see if Jamie can lose the kid for a few hours. Otherwise, I’ll go alone. (I need new friends who don’t have young kids. Anybody in the Saint Louis/Saint Charles, Missouri area that needs a movie or coffee buddy? I’m really nice and a great listener. Anybody?)

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