Friday Ramble #5 (1/4/13)

Welcome to the Friday Ramble, where I share what has been going on in my life the past week. I meant to have this up earlier today but I had a doctor’s appointment this morning to check up on my ear infection and vertigo and then I had a busy morning trying to catch up with job requests. Now I’m sitting for the receptionist’s lunch and have half a moment to gather my thoughts. I stole my Mom’s Kindle on Sunday. Well, I stole her old one. We bought her the Kindle Fire for Christmas a few years ago and since I really didn’t want a Kindle back then, her old one languished in a pile of junk. I finally bit the bullet and asked if I could mooch it. So, now I have a Kindle. Granted, the old one, but it suits my purposes.

Amazon-KindleI finally broke down and got a Kindle because there were so many books my library wasn’t providing and I figured ebooks would at least be cheaper than buying paper copies. It really burns my buns to have to pay for books but I’m done requesting things from my library and then waiting half a year. (Sometimes in vain.) I’ll probably only get one or two books on the Kindle a month because, again, money and how I don’t like to spend it. I like my money to stay where it is, in the bank.

I have some news on the kitten front. (If you remember, I take care of a colony of stray cats at my apartment complex. In October we trapped as many as we could and had them fixed before releasing them.) The four little kittens that Lisa was able to find in the shelters before the trapping have all been adopted. This is fantastic news. We were able to catch the last adult cat that escaped us during the first trapping. This is Lisa’s favorite because the cat would play with a laser pointer. We all thought it was a boy but it turns out Buddy is a girl. She is with Lisa’s Mom right now for fostering. We caught two of the three kittens that appeared in November. One of the black and white kittens named Peekaboo and the grey tabby kitten we called Aurora were caught a couple of nights ago. Both turned out to be boys. (Aurora has sheepishly been renamed Talbot.) They are also with Lisa’s Mom right now. They are young enough that they can be adopted after some fostering. The last black and white kitten named Chunky is being too smart for his own good and not going into the trap. (At least we think Chunky is a boy. We’re wrong a lot.) After we get Chunky we’re hoping this is the end to any kittens. Everybody else should be fixed. (At least we hope so.)

So, my week was full of kittens and Kindle. I’ve already read my first book on the Kindle. The only annoying thing with the Kindle is I can’t tell what page I’m on. All it gives you is a percentage. It feels odds to not see how far I’ve gotten. I’ll get used to it. I’m half way done with The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (aka Everyone Needs Therapy.) It’s umm… different? I’ll have to finish it to truly judge.

Happy 2013, everybody!

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  1. melissaseclecticbookshelf

    Kittens and a Kindle? Sounds like a great week!

    • Patricia @ Lady with Books

      We actually just caught the last kitten this afternoon. A black kitten with a white bib. We didn’t get a change to check the sex, the kitten was freaking out in the trap. Lisa took he/she over to her Mom’s place to calm down. This will probably be the one I keep. I have to clean out my laundry room so I have a place to keep him/her until they are adapted to me.

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