The Mini Rants Post

rant smallThis is a series of book related mini rants. Because I am bored, at work, and generally frustrated by all things books this week. I am also drinking coffee that is an insult to all other coffee. This is brown colored metallic sludge that dares call itself coffee. I don’t know why I even bother getting coffee at work. Nobody in this god forsaken place knows how to make a good pot of coffee. Somebody make a Starbuck’s run, stat! This is revolting.

Kindle Version Not Available

Excuse me? What do you mean, not available? Are you telling me that not only can I not get a paper copy from my library or my bookstore but now I cannot even get the ebook version either? I expressly got a Kindle so I could get books that weren’t available in easy to acquire paper copies! How can you not have an ebook version, Amazon? This is the whole point of having an ereader! About 29% of Americans own some type of ereader or tablet and you’re dropping the ball all over the place by not having all of your titles available as an ebook! I can’t describe the frustration of being blocked on all sides, no solutions in sight. Fail! Fail upon you all!

Series Syndrome

Once upon a time I used to be able to pick up a book and by the end of it have all my questions answered, all the loose ends tied up, and be satisfied by the conclusion. Not anymore. Now everything is part of a series! The plot is strung out over several books way past the point where I actually cared about the characters or events. Now I have to read a trilogy to find out who character X’s real parents are or what character Y’s deep dark secret is. Suddenly, authors are unable to wrap things up in a single book and be, oh I don’t know, concise with their plot! We have to drag it out for three books. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall very slowly; not very painful but will eventually give you a damn headache anyway.

Reviewing ARC’s

I recently accepted a few ARC’s for review and I must say it’s really hard to adjust to reading an unfinished book. It is really frustrating when they make basic grammar mistakes that should have been beat out of you in middle school. (Then/Than. Its/It’s. Their/There. Here/Hear.) I especially love it when an author makes up a word and I have to stare for a moment because my brain just kind of folded over on itself. Yes, I am judging the author. I am judging the author like a very judgey thing. I understand the book is unfinished, unpolished, and unedited but seeing things like that just make my little black writer’s soul whimper.

Book Snobbery

Oh my god! Shut up! I was recently in the café of a big bookstore in my area and got drawn into a book discussion while getting my caffeine fix. A couple of the people talking were even book bloggers and we were able to whine about the utter shit that sometimes pops up in our little community. (Book bloggers aren’t “real reviewers.” Rampant plagiarism. Victim blaming.) We chatted until the question of our favorite books came up and one gal asked which classic author I liked best. Since I don’t like most “classic” literature, I replied that of the books I have read I didn’t like them and don’t really read “classic” literature. I could see the cool looks slide over their faces, like I was suddenly beneath them for not liking Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters. I ignored the suddenly colder attitudes until one of them commented that some people just liked “lower” literature “despite good taste”. Butthead almost got a face full of coffee before I stormed out. I hate people.

What about all of you? Do you have something to rant about?

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  1. My current pet peeve is terrible books being published seemingly only because they’re on trend. Already this year I’ve read two utterly dreadful books, both of which had cover blurbs comparing them with famous films/book series.

    I also agree about the Kindle thing. As an Aussie, I often find that licensing issues mean that I can’t buy an e-version of a book. Sigh.

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