Feature & Follow – #136 (2/15/13)


Increase Blog Followers, gain Book Blog Followers and make new friends with the Book Blogger Feature & Follow! The Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it’ll allow us to show off more new blogs!

This week we have an activity: Write a letter to your favorite character. Rant, rave or gush…just pretend like they are real and you just want to let them know a “few things”. – Activity courtesy of author, Kelly Walker.

I always have such problems deciding my “favorite character.” So I wrote to Lex from Croak by Gina Damico since I just finished that book.

Dear Lex,

First of all, fist bump of awesomeness for not turning evil. I don’t know if I’d be as strong as you if given the same choice. Some people just need killing, ya know? The world would be a better place without some of them. Sorry about that. You probably don’t need to hear that right now. I support your choices, girl. Secondly, I’m sorry about your sister. That sucks. Was obviously going to happen but sucks anyway. All I have is a mangy brother but I’d still be sad if he got killed because of me. So, sorry about that.

Also, it was obviously Zara! It was so obviously Zara it might as well have been tattooed on her forehead. But I guess hindsight is always 20/20. The Junior Grims all have such crappy pasts that someone was bound to snap before too long. You should probably get a therapist in there to talk to them. Pass that suggestion on to your uncle for me. Those kids need to talk it out or something. Also, why don’t you find it insanely creepy that Driggs fell in love with you from pictures? I guess it does say something that he still professes to love you after meeting you and all that unlawful reaping shit that went down. Any other guy would probably be running for the hills by now. It’s still creepy, though. Sorry.

But, hey! Reaper powers! That’s awesome at least. Being able to scythe from place to place and all that. You’re providing a valuable service for the living. So, thanks. You’re going to be busy hunting down Zara and all that but it’s still pretty cool. I’m still kind of wondering why your twin sister didn’t have the same powers as you though. Sorry. Cordy is probably a touchy subject. I think your Dad knows what’s up though. You might want to talk to him to see what he knows.

Anyway, sorry about your sister and being betrayed by Zara. Say hi to the other Junior Grims for me. I’m serious about that therapy suggestion. I think Elysia might be huffing the ether in the afterlife atrium, if you get my meaning. Nobody is that happy without medical assistance.

Good luck! Don’t get killed.
Patricia @ Lady with Books

Happy Friday everybody!

Thank you for reading!


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I'm a 34 year old female. Brown hair. Blue eyes. I spend a great deal of my time surfing the internet and blogging. I enjoy cooking. I make a mean sautéed vegetable dish. I write. I read.

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  1. Haven’t read this book. Reading your letter I really have to check it out now it looks full of twist and turns.

    My F&F post

  2. “All I have is a mangy brother…” I love it! New subscriber here (hit you up on Twitter too because the nifty icon popped up). Here’s my FF.

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