Friday Ramble #6 (2/14/13)

Welcome to the Friday Ramble, where I share what has been going on in my life the past week. Quick! Everybody run to the closest store and buy up all the half priced Valentine’s Day candy. The only good thing about Valentine’s Day is the day after, when the candy is discounted and I can get a giant heart shaped box of sugar and chocolate for 50% off. I’ll be eating off that candy into May. (evil laugher)

Bloody Marcus Finch. (shakes fist) That was poorly done. I don’t blame the bloggers; it’s my understanding that they weren’t given a lot of information and were kind of side blinded by the whole thing themselves. I was very confused when half of the blogs I follow on a regular basis started posting the same thing day after day. I thought something was wrong with my reader. The blog tour was mishandled by the promoters and the blog blitz ended up turning into spam and annoying a lot of the book blogging community. It’s my understanding that Marcus Finch isn’t even that big a character. Do not tell me we went through all that for a character that’s not even that important! After a day or two, I just started to ignore the posts. This has probably turned a lot of people away from the book. I’m guessing this is not the reaction the publisher was hoping for. Oops!

I helped a friend move into her new house last weekend. I’m still sore. This weekend we get to ferry over her four cats (I love them. They are my godcats. They are also little monsters. Well, except for Kyah. Kyah is a sweetheart.) and then go on a shopping spree. She just got her tax refund and now we get to buy everything for her new place. I do mean everything. She only has a few pieces of kitchen ware and all her linens were destroyed by her family when she was living in her Mom’s house after the divorce. It’s going to be a long day walking around Target. (She refuses to touch a Walmart for some reason.)

I figured out how to use my library’s ebook loan system on my Kindle. There is not a lot available but there are a few titles. It’s one less trip to the library as far as I’m concerned. The only downside is I can only “keep” the ebooks for 7 days. Also, I have to wait for ebooks to be returned before I can check them out. This confuses me, since ebooks are nothing more than data. It can be replicated as many times as needed. What exactly am I waiting for? Data transfer is instantaneous. There should be no waiting! Silly library.

The Library of Congress announced that it has completed the archival of public Twitter tweets from 2006 to 2010. They now have an archive of approximately 170 billion tweets and growing. The amount of tweets the Library receives has grown from 140 million beginning in February 2011 to nearly half a billion tweets each day as of October 2012.

My only reaction to this is; why?

Happy Friday everyone!

Thank you for reading!


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I'm a 34 year old female. Brown hair. Blue eyes. I spend a great deal of my time surfing the internet and blogging. I enjoy cooking. I make a mean sautéed vegetable dish. I write. I read.

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  1. melissaseclecticbookshelf

    I’m waiting for the candy to go 75% off! LOL And I love borrowing e-books from the library for my nook! Glad you’ve expanded your options even if only by a little!

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