Book Review: Wolverine: Worst Day Ever by Barry Lyga

wolverineworstdayeverWolverine: Worst Day Ever by Barry Lyga
Published April 22nd 2009 by Marvel
Format: Paper Book
Length: 200 pages
Genre: Graphic Novel, Comic, Superheroes
Reading Level: Children
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Thirteen year old Eric Mattias is the newest student at Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Students, otherwise known as X-Men central. But Eric has the suckest mutant power ever. It’s just not teenage angst when Eric says nobody notices him. People literally don’t notice him, even if he’s yelling, jumping around, and making all sorts of noise. His fellow students even sit on him because they don’t notice him. He drives the Professor’s telepathy nuts. Life pretty much sucks for Eric and the teen writes his thoughts on a blog, including his adventures sneaking into the Danger Room, riding along in the X-Jet, and nighttime excursions with Wolverine.

I will readily admit that I never would have picked this book up if Barry hadn’t sent it along with the book for the giveaway contest. (More on that later.) Graphic novels aren’t really my thing and I probably wouldn’t have given this one a second look when I got it in the mail except I have an obsession with all things Marvel and cracked it open because I was curious. I’m glad I did. I laughed, I cried, I love it. The main story is told in diary/blog form from Eric’s point of few. So we’re getting the story through his online posts. Instead of irritating me, like letter and diary form usually does, it really worked here. There are also a couple of comics after the main story with Wolverine and the Power Pack. The entire book is just amusing as all hell and I’m glad I followed my curiosity and read it.

I cried several times reading Eric’s story because I have a thing for the underdog and characters whose situation is seemingly so hopeless and there appears to be no help forthcoming. I know, I’m weird. If you can get me crying over a character, than that is a mark of a great author. Even within just a graphic novel, I can see that Barry Lyga is a great author. I adored I Hunt Killers but it’s good to see his other works have the same quality to them. Wolverine Worst Day Ever was an enjoyable and fun read and I sped through it in an evening. There is a long list of contributing artists and all of the art is fantastic. The book is in full color and utter gorgeous. It you like Marvel or just graphic novels in general, then I’d pick this book up.

Thank you for reading!


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