Booking Through Thursday 6/27/13


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Our question for this week is: Inspired by a conversation with a coworker the other day:

It’s time for summer reading, so … today’s question? What’s the worst thing you ever did to your reading material? Sand in the bindings from the beach? Dropped into the pool? Covers smeared with sunscreen?

And, if you’ve never done actual summer-time damage … have you EVER damaged your book/magazine/paper? Dropped it in the bathtub? Used it to kill a bug? Spilled with coffee?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Booking Through Thursday post and without a book review this week, the blog is looking a little spare. Plus, I like this week’s question.

I’m horrible to books if I eat or drink anything while reading. Reading in coffee shops is a dangerous activity for me since 9 times out of 10 at least a little of my drink manages to spill. There are more than a few books at my library with a couple brown splatters courtesy of yours truly. I’ve dropped a book in a fountain before. Luckily, the book was one I owned and, well, in my defense I was 12 and walking around the edge like a doofus. I probably deserved it. I’ve dropped one or two into mud (as well as everything else in my hands at the time and followed quickly by myself). I’ve gotten tomato sauce, cheese sauce, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and other various parts of my dinner on my books before. I really shouldn’t be allowed to read while I’m eating…

But the worst thing I’ve ever spilt on a book has to be a full cup of cherry slushy. I picked the cup up and because of the condensation on the sides, it slipped right out of my hand. It went all over my lap, where, you guessed it, the book was sitting wide open. The slushy dyed all the paper red and it wrinkled when it dried. The page that was open was unreadable it was so dark. Needless to say, I ended up paying for that book. The librarian laughed at me when I told my story and I ruined my favorite pair of jeans!

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Books and food really do not mix… which doesn’t stop me either.

    My summer-time damage was most widespread in childhood, too–I’d climb a tree with a book in my teeth, so several of my books from that time have teeth marks on the covers…

  2. Ok don’t get upset. I I was so just “UHHH” about the Twilight books that when I was between classes in college it happened to fall out of my open bag into the toilet (don’t know how that could have happened hehe) – and I just left it because I thought that was exactly where it the toilet. LOL

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