Guest Post by Farzy from Books Keep Me Sane

For my blogiversary I wanted to have guest book bloggers and focus on some of the smaller blogs out there. Those blogs that are really great but for someone reason haven’t been “found” yet. I was so happy when a couple of people volunteered to be my victims… I mean my guests! So, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Farzy from Books Keep Me Sane.


1) First of all, tell us a little about yourself.

I’m not really good with this type of things but here goes: I’m Farzy, the girl behind Books Keep Me Sane. I like to read a lot, which goes without saying. Aside from books I also love to watch anime, listen to Japanese and American pop music and oh, I am hopelessly obsessed with Linkin Park. Literature and History are my favorite subjects in school. I love reading trivia too! At first I’m shy but once you get to know me, expect that your ears will bleed from my constant talking.

2) What inspired you to start blogging about books?

I’ve loved reading books since I was young and I have never thought of making a book blog until I came across Jelly’s Blog. Although it took me two years before I could start my own blog.

3) What attracts you to a book? (The blurb? The cover? Other reviews?)

The very first thing that grabs my attention is the cover. I judge a book by its cover. Chick Lit is one of my favorite genres mainly because the covers are just so cute! Another thing that catches my attention is the title but what ultimately makes me read a book is the Goodreads rating. If the rating is around 3+ then I’d be 40-60% sure of reading the book. If the rating is 4+ then I’d be 70-100% sure to read the book.

4) What is your favorite book and why?

This is very hard to answer. I have tons of favorite books! But there’s a book that makes me cry every time. Every Freaking Time I read it and that’s A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. There’s this part of the book where there’s this letter and it is just so heart-breakingly beautiful and sad at the same time that I just cry every time I read it.

5) What inspired you to start writing? Tell us a little more about that Social Studies teacher you mention on your About page.

In high school we were tasked to write a reaction paper about the article The Filipino Today: Let Us All Rise as One People by Alex Lacson. My classmates submitted half-ass essays and my teacher was so pissed about it. And I worried too because what if he also thought my essay was as horrible as the others. But then he said, “But look at Ms. Polestico’s work. This is a great example of how a reaction paper is. Read this everyone to know what a reaction paper is and post this in the bulletin board.” He also wrote on my paper, “This is a saving grace from all the garbage I have read.”

I grew up thinking I have no talents or anything I’m great at and at that moment I thought I give writing a try. He encouraged me to write and so I did and found out I really enjoyed it. Maybe all I needed was a little push for me to realize my potential. I have no published books yet but I’m working on it! Haha!

This Or That?

Batman or Superman?

-Definitely Batman! They are both famous but I think Superman has more fans than Batman and when I was little I secretly hoped Batman and Poison Ivy would end up together!

Paper or Ebooks?

-Paper. I feel like I don’t really “own” a book unless it’s on paper.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

-Oh, honey that depends when you’re talking about a man or candy. Kidding aside, when it comes to flavor of food, I prefer chocolate but when it comes to scents (lotion, perfume etc) I prefer vanilla.

Rain or Snow?

-I live in a tropical country so we don’t have winter here but I do love the rain.

Comedy or Horror?

-Comedy all the way! I mean, why would I want to scare myself senseless? Haha.


Farzy was also good enough to share her thoughts about paper books versus ebooks.

In this world of technology, the world is innovating very fast. Technology is vastly changing our lives for the better. One of the things technology vastly changed is how we read books.

In the old days when we needed a book, we went to the library and rummaged through all those catalog cards for hours just to find one book. But now, with a few taps, presses or clicks, voila you found the book you’ve been searching for.

And not just that, now you can read books on your smartphone, tablet PCs, and even your web browser. No need to lug around that thousand-pound hardbound book of yours.

I own both books and ebooks and each of them have their own pros and cons.

Nothing beats reading a good ol’ book. There’s something in traditional books that makes you feel like you’re reading genuinely. It’s really nice to hold a book, flip its pages, scribble at the margin, insert your very cute DIY bookmark.  If you’re like me who has the weird habit of smelling the pages of books, then you’d more likely prefer the traditional book to the electronic one.

A downside of the traditional books, though, is the physical space it takes up when you have a huge collection. When you’re living in a modest apartment like me, you’d find this a problem. And they’re more expensive too! Especially the hardcover books. That’s why I prefer the paperback. Not only is it more convenient to carry around, it’s much cheaper too.

The electronic book is geared for more convenience in my opinion. I read ebooks mainly because it’s more convenient to carry around one device that can store hundreds of ebooks than actually carrying a hundred books (imagine how unpractical that is!) Though I don’t have a traditional ereader like a Kindle. I use my Blackberry or iPhone instead, both comes with the free Kindle app and an epub reader. I don’t feel the need to get an e-reader yet. I think my Blackberry and iPhone is enough for now.

Another advantage of the ebook is that it’s up to 70% cheaper than a physical book.

On the downside, it could hurt your eyes to stare at the screen for hours. Lucky for me my eyes aren’t that sensitive. I could read ebooks for up to 5 hours straight and not hurt my eyes. Another downside is that you can’t do to it what you can normally do to a traditional book, like smell the pages, scribble on the margin and stuff like that.

I think books and ebooks are both great though they have some pros and cons. It is up to you which suits you best. As for me I love them both.

How about you, which one do you prefer?


Stop by Books Keep Me Sane and say hello to Farzy.

bkmsbutton1Real life can seem so monotonous, vapid and insanely boring. But books are there to temporarily whisk us away into an exciting new world. Books Keep Me Sane is Farzy’s bookish haven, a place for her to geek about books. Farzy reads all kinds of books from Young Adult, New Adult, Middle Grade, Romance, Parodies, Thriller and Mystery. She’s always open to new possibilities… and books. Come visit her blog today and drop her a line. She’ll be sure to respond to you.

Thank you for reading!

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