My Bookish Bad Habits (And Other Confessions)


We all have bad habits and being a book lover, more than a few of my bad habits happen to be book related. I swear I wasn’t this bad when I was younger but now I seem to have added more bad bookish habits than ever.

The Dreaded Reading Slump

It never fails. Here I am reading along, consuming books like I need air to breathe. At my fastest, I can read a book in two days. I like reading and there are so many great new books coming out that I could probably never stop reading awesome novels. No sleep. No work. Just reading. (Ah, paradise.) But then wham! I hit a slump. For seemingly no reason, I suddenly lose interest in reading anything. Oh, the horror! It’s like being presented with a fabulous feast the likes you can’t imagine and not being hungry. Something should tickle my fancy, some sweet or candy, but I have to wait until the slump is over and I can once again read without it feeling like chore.

Damage Control

Simply put; I probably shouldn’t eat or drink anywhere near books. It never fails that I leave some little spot or blotch. My greatest pleasure is sitting in my favorite coffee shop with my favorite vanilla latte and my current read. But no matter how careful I am, food somehow ends up on my book. It’s even worse if I’m eating. Crumbs everywhere. But I can’t help myself. If a book is really good, I hardly want to put it down.

Book Haul

bookshelfwithmanI have a habit of getting more library books than I know I can comfortably read in a two week period. I go in with a list of about three or four but then I stumble across some other book and then another and then another. Next thing I know, I’ve got like a dozen books like a leaning tower in my arms and there is no way I can read all those books in two weeks but I’ll be damned if I’m putting any of them back because what if they’re not there next time or I forget about them or the world ends?! So, I check out more books than I have a snowball’s chance in hell of reading before they’re due and then juggle them for the next month by renewing the ones I haven’t finished over and over again until I read all of them. I know; I’m ridiculous.

Skipping Ahead

I sometimes skip ahead and then have to force myself to back track. It’s not like I skip pages or anything. It’s that sometimes when I’m reading along, perfectly fine, my eye will catch on a word on the opposite page and suddenly my attention jumps over there and I skip a couple of paragraphs. Of course, I’ve now skipped over some dialogue and action and have to go back to the point where my attention wandered and catch up. I don’t know why I do it either. I think my brain just fizzles for a second or something. I’m like a scratched record.

The Kindle Curse

Don’t get me wrong, I like my Kindle. I can order books from Amazon I would have no chance of finding in the library or a brick and mortar store. But I still prefer paper books for the simple fact that I can tell how far I am in a paper book. I know; the Kindle tells us the percentage we’ve read but it’s just not the same. I have no physical evidence of how far along in a book I’ve read or how much more I have yet to read. It makes books seem longer than they really are because I have no way to visually measure my progress. It’s very annoying.

Series Order

I have this obsession with reading series in the proper order. There are a lot of series that can be read any which way. (Like the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.) But I have to read things in order. Sometimes it’s not even in publishing order. Sometimes an author writes things out of order so that the first book happens after the second book chronologically wise. Then I have to read the second book before the first or some little part of my soul screams in agony. I have to read things in order and I scour website to make sure I have the correct order. I’m OCD about it.

Mysterious Disappearing Bookmarks

I have a bookmark fetish. There, I freely admit it. If I see a bookmark, especially a free cute bookmark, I must have it. I should be swimming in bookmark. I should have enough bookmarks to wallpaper my whole apartment. Only, they keep disappearing. I am a black hole for bookmarks. I bring them home, I use them, and then one day, poof!, the bookmark is gone. I am bookmark death. I don’t lose socks, I lose bookmarks. It’s not like they slip out of the books while I’m out and about either. My books are always nicely bookmarked. It’s when I take the bookmarks out of the books that I lose them. My apartment is not that big! I don’t know where they are going.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. You missed sleep depravation. I stayed up too late reading last night and felt sooooo tired this morning. That needs to go in my bad habit list. It happens way too often!

  2. Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

    I am so bad about libraries as well…I try to just put my head down and get whaty I came for! And …shhh…but I eat and read too…time is too precious to waste eating alone:)

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