Bookstore Feature: Dunaway Books

Dunaway Books is a bookstore of a dying breed. It is a bookstore jam-packed with used books. I’ve made it a point to at least visit the bookstores in my area once. This is a little hard since most of the bookstores I can find on the internet are all in the city of Saint Louis and I’m not enthused with the idea of running around Saint Louis by myself and in unfamiliar areas. But I am familiar with the Tower Grove area and thought it was high time I get off my butt and visit Dunaway Books.



Dunaway Books is a big building and the amount of books inside can be overwhelming. There are so many books that it can be hard to single out just one. Covers and titles begin to blur together after a while. There are three levels to Dunaway Books; a small balcony up top, the main floor, and the basement. The balcony held the music genre books while the main floor had most of the non-fiction and adult fiction books. There was a tiny selection of children’s books on the main floor too.



But the basement is where the real gold is.



Down some rickety, rather scary stairs is where the fantasy, sci-fi, and what might be considered today the young adult books are kept. Dunaway is a used bookstore, so you aren’t going to find anything new in there. I was rather hoping to find some books that were just a couple of years old but I’d say almost everything in there is at least a solid 15 years old (mid 90’s) and most of it even older. I saw so many 80’s paperbacks that my head spun. This was disappointing because while old books are nice in theory, not many of them hold any interest for me. I found an old copy of Peter Pan, Matilda, and a Sherlock Holmes companion book that if I had known was $20 I would not have bought.

The whole place smells like old paper and if I could bottle that smell I would. It would probably take a person several days to go through all the books. The hour I spent wondering around in an overwhelmed daze barely scratched the surface in the number of books. I was disappointed to not see anything more recent and for used books some of them could be a little expensive. It’s a nice bookstore, the type that you can lose yourself in easily. A used book lover could drop a pretty penny there quite fast. But there is a coffeehouse right around the corner where you can take your purchases and start reading.

Thank you for reading!

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