Secretly A Two Year Old; Pride In Being First. And Picking Out A New Bookshelf!

The August Goodreads newsletter came out a week ago and it just goes to show you how often I check my email that I’m just now seeing it. Horrible habit of mine. But I was pleased to see the newsletter focus on several books that I’d already had on my to be read shelf. A little self-serving feeling bloomed in my chest, that feeling of being better than everyone else because I didn’t have to be told of a great book, I found it on my own. I feel all puffed up like a strutting rooster. I almost wish I could run to my Mom and shout ‘Look what I did all on my own, Mommy!’, except my Mom is on the other side of town and would think I’d lost my mind if I did any such thing. I am a crazy person. Or secretly a small child. It’s the small things that bring me pleasure these days.

Anywho, I’ve decided to get rid of the white armchair I never use and that smells kind of musty because it was stored in my parents’ basement and get another bookshelf. The chair is piled with books anyway, so I might as well replace a piece of furniture being used as a bookshelf with an actually bookshelf. Goodwill will come and pick it up right? They still do large item pick up I think. Because there is no way I’m getting it down the stairs myself and my only other option is to take an axe to it and haul the pieces to the trash.

But my real question is; what type of bookshelf should I get? I mean, I could go buy a put-it-together-yourself bookshelf for under $30 or I could save a little bit of money and go buy something really nice. Maybe something made out of real wood or something lacquered in a deep blue. Maybe I could get a bookshelf with a cabinet. That would be good for storage. Oh, decisions, decisions!

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There you go people. The start of my bookshelf fetish.

Thank you for reading!

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