Haunted Hospice and Other Phone Conversations with my Quirky Best Friend

I should be waiting to post this in October or something but I find it interesting and wanted to share. My friend Krystal and I share a religion and a practice. That is, we’re both Pagans and witches. Now, I’ve known Krystal since high school and every place she has ever lived in has been haunted. Her childhood home? A creepy ass and messed up haunted. Her apartment in University City? Haunted by a spirit she called her Gentlemen Caller and the only spirit I’ve ever seen personally. Her mother’s house, which used to be her grandparents’ house, and in which she crashed for a few months last year? Haunted by family members and I have pictures from a Halloween party with orbs in them to prove it. The house she rents now? Haunted by at least one spirit and seemingly collected more.


You see, I may be as sensitive as a brick (and I like it that way) but Krystal just seems to jive in a way that just attracts things. When we were unpacking her things in her new house earlier this year we had shadows, noises, and crazy reactions by her cats. Her house has weight to it, if you get my meaning. We know of at least one spirit in that house (a male, Krystal insists, although I can’t tell) but it appears as if she is collecting more. She had been gone the last two weeks, off attending an airshow and camping fest, and I had been cat sitting for a couple of days. Everything was fine for me but when she came back yesterday I get a text asking if anything had happened while I was over there. Apparently, she was catching a vibe she wasn’t familiar with.

Of course, 99.9% of the time her house just feels like a house to me, so I didn’t have anything to say. She saged the house just to make sure. (Saging is where you light some sage so that it smolders. The smoke is supposed to drive away negative spirits and clear the air of bad energy.) We yak a bit and I’m deciding whether I should paint my nails when I get a text from Krystal telling me the top of her cocktail shaker just flew off by itself and what the hell did I let into her house?! Like I would know! I’m the blind and deaf one in this friendship. So she does some pendulum divination to find out who or what is in her home now. (A pendulum is a weight at the end of a cord. You hold it up in the air as still as you can and supposedly whoever or whatever can answer yes or no questions by swinging it one way or the other.)

So, Krystal has another spirit in her house. A male, who doesn’t know where he is, and is apparently quite frightened. Krystal reassured him, saying her house was a safe place, telling him the address, introducing her cats, and generally just comforting the spirit as much as she can. She ran through the alphabet for a name, got E B E T, asked if this was his first or last name and was told it was his last name. At this point Krystal said the pendulum was kind of trembling and moving in circles. So she asked if the spirit was tired and if he would like to stop for the evening. He said yes and Krystal ended it and called me up to blow my mind with crazy spirit communication because she is apparently running a halfway house for the dead. Spirits just kind of end up around her, for some reason. How she can sleep in that house now, I have no idea. I had to leave my light on in my bedroom and that was just with hearing about it secondhand! I’m a big old scaredy cat, so that’s no surprise. Better her than me. I’d be calling Ghost Busters by now.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Halfway House for the dead! lol I think I’d love to visit but not live there!

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