How to Wow Your Book Loving Date (And Have Them Professing Their Undying Love for You)

Going on a date? Does that date love books? Is that date’s apartment/house crammed with more books than you knew existed? Do you also love books? Do you make three or four trips to the library every week? (Marry each other. Buy a bigger house. Buy more books to fill bigger house.) But first, a little bit about what two book lovers should do on their first date.

bookstoreGo bookstore hopping and visit a couple of different bookstores. Google is your friend. You’re going to have to do a bit of reconnaissance here. If you’re lucky, you live at least somewhere close to a major city. I’m about 20 minutes away from Saint Louis, Missouri. I’m sure there is a good sized city somewhere nearby you that you can get to. You’re going to want a city that has at least three or more bookstores with good reviews and reputations. Big bonus if you have one of those quirky bookstores that’s just fun to be in. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there a thousand times. It doesn’t matter if your date has been there a thousand times. There are new things to discover every time you go to a bookstore. The point is, you’ll be discovering those new things together with your date.

While you’re in the bookstore, show your date your favorite book on the shelves. Ask your date their favorite book. Strike up a conversation. Wander around the shelves together. Go into the children’s section and show your date your favorite book from when you were a kid. Play with the toys; I don’t care how old you are. Find the corniest, dumbest romance book cover you can or find your favorite recipe in a cookbook. Drive or, if you can, walk to the next bookstore and repeat.

Google the bookstore’s website and check their events page. Is there going to be an author signing that evening? Buy two books beforehand and present your date with a copy ready to be scribbled upon by the author. Call the bookshop up and see what it would take to get a few minutes alone time with the author either before or after the scheduled signing. Is there a book club meeting? See what book they are reading and crash it. Bookish coffee group meeting? Crash it. (Or just call or email the group admin and see if they mind you crashing it if you don’t want to just show up out of the blue.)

Make sure to visit the bookstores that have special features or are really popular. Make it a point to visit the more interesting bookstores even if they are out of the way. One of the bookstores I visit has a shop cat and I love going there. Pretty much the first thing I do when I go there is find the cat. (It’s like a Where’s Waldo but with more books and a furry Waldo.) Another bookstore I love has several book sculptures. A book arch over the doorway, books up on the ceiling ‘flying’ around, and several cut paper sculptures from local artists. Another bookstore has a chalkboard wall that people can write and draw on. The weirdest things show up on there. Find the interesting bookstores, even if you’ve been there before, and make sure to visit with your date.


For food, find a coffeehouse that sells food. Most coffeehouses have a pretty good menu these days. The quirkier, the better. Find a coffeehouse that is a riot of color or has some silly theme. A coffeehouse I sometimes go to picks a color for the day and whenever a person wearing that color comes in all the service people scream that color and they get a free coffee. It’s hilarious. Go to an ice cream parlor. Eat at a food truck. Be different. Try and end the day at a neighborhood bookstore so that you can walk around a bit. A used bookstore I sometimes go to is right next to a large park and on nice days I like to find a comfortable patch of grass and do some reading. Pack a blanket and some munches and end your date just relaxing with whatever books you might have bought during your bookstore crawl.

The important thing is that you and your date both like books and it’s pretty simple to structure a date around your shared interest. Find out what’s going on that night and go there. Visit as many bookstores as you can. Immerse yourself and your date in books and just talk. Find somewhere fun to eat. Don’t be boring. Anybody can go to the local burger place and stuff their face with food on a date. Be different. Be bookish.

Thank you for reading!

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    Back in the day there used to be a books store in Clayton, Mo called “Library Ltd.” It was great for dates. Sadly by the time I’d met my husband, it was closed. I do think I married the Big Guy in part because he’s the only person I know who can happily stay in a bookstore as long as me.

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