Happy Halloween!

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I love it when Halloween falls on a weekend. Kids and adults alike can stay out and have fun without having to worry about finishing homework and getting up for school in the morning. Parents aren’t rushing home from work, trying to get some food into their kids while stuffing them into costumes to go trick or treating. They can make a whole day of it. Unfortunately, it looks like it might rain today where I live. I know, bummer.

I’m going as the tooth fairy! Not the one from The Guardians. I can’t imagine dealing with all those feathers. Just a normal tooth fairy. I’ve got pink pants, a shirt, and tutu and then I’m wearing a silver crown, pink/purple wings, and carrying a little bag with chocolate coins. I’ve also got a tooth necklace and some teeth earrings. And I have a little plastic toy hammer. Because I need a tooth in exchange for the chocolate coins. It’s only fair.

I really wish Halloween was bigger. People barely decorate anymore. And I mean decorate as in more than just a pumpkin on the porch. Halloween is such an awesome holiday and it’s so under appreciated. There should be more things to do for Halloween. We’re did some activates at work because Cathy and I love Halloween and it’s like pulling teeth to get anyone to do anything. It drives me nuts! Everybody should be dressing up and be excited to play games and win things. Instead, I wonder why I’m bothering. Grouches.

Well, stay dry, stay warm, and stay spooky, people! Happy Halloween!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I hate how the rest of the world schedules things on Halloween, like meetings, work, school, baseball… on Halloween… or the day before or the day after even… like it’s just another day. 🙂 For some of us, the holiday is like our Christmas. I cancelled some big commitments this year because they didn’t respect the Halloween holiday.

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