Friday Ramble Nov. 6th


Happy Friday, everybody. Welcome to the Friday Ramble, where I recap the week and include some of my favorite posts and inspiration from other bloggers.


slippery_when_wet_signs[1]I hope everyone had a good Halloween. I’ve had better. Although this Halloween was not as bad as last year, when my Mom had recently passed and then I ended up breaking my arm on November 1st. No, this year just had some yucky, rainy weather that made me spin out on a wet road driving to my friend’s house. Nothing like extreme panic to get the blood pumping! I thought for sure I was going to roll the car. I spun in a complete circle and ended up in the grass. But, I guess I was lucky. I didn’t hit anything, nobody hit me, and I was able to drive away after the cop checked my car over and sent me on my way. Thank you to the Maryland Heights police department for helping this idiot Saturday night. I know you probably had a million calls just like mine on that night. I was actually on the phone with 911 when another guy in a truck did the same thing I did coming the other way. It was that type of crappy night.

I took my car up to the shop to have it checked out on Monday morning. They didn’t find anything. So, I’m really lucky that I didn’t damage the car. I had clumps of grass and mud stuck up in the underside. It looked like my car had a green beard. So, lesson learned but no harm done. I still fully expect to wake up to a flat tire but fingers crossed I don’t.


Simply Grove starts talking Thanksgiving with her post on table décor. I find tablescapes and dressing absolutely fascinating. My family never did anything so fancy for holidays. We just put out the food in whatever dishes we had and used everyday cups and plates. I always fantasize around dressing up a table for Christmas dinner but it’s lost on my family. The one year I tried to put pretty glasses on the table for Thanksgiving dinner, they all gave them back and asked for plastic cups. Plebeians.

I have horribly sensitive skin along with blemishes and redness. Bane of my existence at 32 years old. I thought pimples were a teen thing? Why am I still dealing with this as an adult? What Olivia Did… posts about her Top 5 Cleansers. I think I might try her suggestion of Ren Evercalm Cleansing Milk.

Jacquelyn over at lark & linen posts 12 of her best blog tips.

The A Beautiful Mess girls just put out my favorite Design Style series post by showcasing Scandinavian design that isn’t just white on white. I’m also mad jealous of Elsie’s rainbow glass collection seen here and here and the sister’s trip to Iceland, even if it does look cold.

Tracy at Shutterbean posts a recipe for Broccoli Cheddar Rolls. I’d probably add some chicken in there. This would have to be done on the weekend when I have more time. Normal people could just pop a tube of crescent dough or something from the grocery store for a shortcut. I’d have to make gluten free dough for this. (sigh) Why is there not a pop tube of gluten free dough on store shelves? It could make my life so much easier!

American woman Cory Amaro in France, with a camera. Need I say more? Visit her blog Tongue in Cheek.

Go to Dana Fox’s blog Wonder Forest for all your blogging needs.

Are you looking for great photos to use on your blog but worried about legal issues. Then visit unsplash and pixabay. All their photos are licensed under Creative Commons Zero. Which means you can do whatever you want with them without asking permission from the photographer or website. Unsplash has a lot of artsy, high visual photos. While pixabay is more a of mixed bag that includes all sorts of things.

Love The Here and Now posts their Favorite Blogging Resources.

24 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Write More

Angela over at The Sunday Chapter has posted The 60 Most Useful Websites on the Internet. I like It lets you plan your roadtrips. It’s also useful for finding interesting sights around your home town.


Finished: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Started: The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen
I was at my favorite book store, Main Street Books, Saturday before last and decided to complete my collection of SAA books. I also bought Lost Lake.

Waiting: Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen
The Poe Estate by Polly Shulman >> I didn’t know Shulman had written a 3rd book in her Grimm Legacy series, which I adore. I was wandering the shelves and stumbled over it. I’m so excited to read it!

I got my OwlCrate box! I got my OwlCrate box! I got my OwlCrate box!

I got my OwlCrate box! I got my OwlCrate box! I got my OwlCrate box!

I have an unhealthy obsession with subscription boxes. This is also why I’m always broke. I’ll post a review of my OwlCrate box next week. I’m not 100% sure I’ll keep this subscription. I signed up for 3 months, which will get me the October, November, and December boxes, and paid just over $100. That is a lot of money for such a short time. I’ll have to think about it. Maybe the next two boxes will blow me away or something.

I also get Ipsy, Try the World, and KitNip boxes. I won’t renew the Try the World box next year. It’s a food subscription box where each box focuses on a different country. It was also expensive and, while interesting, I wasn’t really using anything they send out and now that I’ve gone gluten free, it’s useless. The KitNip box is a cat toy subscription box and both my cat, Fiona, and I really enjoy it. And of course Ipsy is makeup.


Everyone have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Thank you for reading!

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