Owl Crate October 2015

I first saw Owl Crate when I was browsing a subscription box review site. I like books, I saw the book category, and I clicked. I instantly wanted it. A book and bookish goodies delivered to me with no effort on my part? Yes, please! But when I went to the Owl Crate website I discovered they had a waiting list. No! Poo! This was just before October and I was sure I would miss out on the Halloween box. Luckily, subscriptions opened a couple of days later and I was able to sign up to get the October book. I think as I post this the November box is already sold out but there might be a few spots left.


I was also put off with how expensive Owl Crate was. Ten dollars for shipping? Yikes! But, I was curious enough and wanted it enough and have no self-control, so I signed up for 3 months at just over $100. I know, right? With other subscription boxes, that’s the yearlong rate. But, I gave it a chance. My first Owl Crate box arrived on October 26th, 2015.


I was so excited to open my box but when I did I was assaulted by the smell of dirt and what I could have sworn was animal pee. I thought something had gotten into my box until I found the scented beads. The October box included a pack of scented beads from Adventure Scents. Something to do with vampires and blood and it was supposed to set the mood for a spooky reading atmosphere. I threw the pack in the trash and then had to take out the trash a couple minutes later because my apartment was starting to stink. I had to get rid of the pretty box too because the smell was in the cardboard. I was not pleased.



There was also Sugar Skull Erasers from NPW that were super cute and some magnetic monster bookmarks from Craftedvan. The bookmarks are cute but the magnets on them are pretty lackluster and weak. I’m not going to use the erasers just because they are too pretty! I was really excited by the printed canvas bag from Out of Print Clothing. Edgar Allan Poe-lka Dot pouch! I have an obsession with little bags and pouches. They are endlessly useful and I like collecting pretty or unusual ones. The Poe-lka Dot bag was pretty big and was quickly put to good use.

Now, for the book. October’s theme was Spooky and I was super excited to see what had been picked. A Madness so Discreet by Mindy McGinnis has gotten mixed reviews on Goodreads. Some people really like it. Others think it’s a mess. I haven’t read it yet but I probably wouldn’t have picked this book to read on my own because the romance angle sounds like it might be one of those that grate on my nerves. It sounds interesting and I hold out hope. There is also a mini poster of the book cover and a letter from Mindy McGinnis herself that was, frankly, hard to read because she has that type of scrunched up cursive penmanship that my eyes have a hard time picking actual letters out of. (Ow. The eye strain.)

While I liked my Owl Crate box, I’m beginning to realize that I might be too picky about what I read to really enjoy this. Not having control of what I’m getting and then the amount of money I’m spending on the chance I might get a book I really like is kind of off putting. A hundred dollars is a lot to spend on a roll of the dice. I still have the November box and the December box to go and then I’ll make my decision on whether I’ll renew. This might not be a good fit for me based on my reading habits.

The November box theme is Myths and Legends and the two sneak peaks they’ve given us are from The Geeky Cauldron and Adagio Teas. The Geeky Cauldron is a jewelry shop and I’m really hoping for a mini Time Turner from Harry Potter. (fingers crossed)


We shall see. Maybe the next two boxes will wow me.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Owl crate is YA right? I’ve done the book riot boxes and the Indiespensables from Powell (love that one). I don’t like the Book Riot one too much because it usually includes books that have been out a while and the extras are not my favorite. I’m going to give it one more shot and see next month’s box. I’ve thought about Owl crate. I think I’m too picky about books and the fact that it made your apartment smell is not a good sign 🙂

    • Yeah, Owl Crate is YA. They send new releases, which is good, but I think my book preferences might be too narrow for book subscription boxes to work for me. I might end up really loving something, or I might hate that month’s book and end up feeling like I wasted the money. We’ll have to see how the next two boxes I’ve already signed up for will go. I’m very sensitive to smells. Room fresheners and perfume or cologne cause instant headaches for me and can even make me nauseous. But, honestly, I don’t think anybody liked the smell of those scent beads. All the other reviews I’ve read for the October box were like ‘ew’.

  2. I hope you like Nov & Dec better! I don’t really do subscription boxes because it is just too random for me…like gambling. I’d rather just wait for a deal on what I really want then buy a crap shoot so to speak.

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