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Friday Ramble Nov. 13


Happy Friday, everybody. Welcome to the Friday Ramble, where I recap the week and include some of my favorite posts and inspiration from other bloggers.


First of all, Happy Friday the 13th!!

bella67 | pixabay

I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to make for Thanksgiving (that I can actually eat since I’ve gone gluten free). I miss rolls. Oh god, how I miss rolls. (Good, warm, soft rolls. Not the gluten free rolls that I’ve been putting up with, which could be used for baseballs.) Luckily I was never fond of pie or cookies but I freaking miss good bread. Of course, the turkey and mashed potatoes and veggies will all be fine to eat but I know those rolls will just be taunting the hell out of me.

I think the tires on the right side of my car are slowly leaking air from when I skid out on the wet roads Halloween night. Even though I took the car to the shop to be checked over the following Monday and was told the car was fine. Of course, finding time to stop by a gas station to put air in them is hard to do since it’s dark by the time I get off work this time of year. My worry intensifies as it gets colder. (I’m a very anxious person and my brain decided long ago that my car is a good object to fixate on. I wish it wouldn’t. It’s a very expensive object to fixate on.)

Everyone in my office is coughing and sneezing and oh my god GET AWAY FROM ME! I do not have any vacation time to take to get sick. If I get the flu or a cold bad enough to stay home, I just lose those hours. That money is gone. I can’t afford to get sick. I just paid off my credit card from last year’s shit (glasses and teeth and a vacation and breaking my arm). I need that money. Everybody keep your germs to yourself!

Next week’s menu will include this recipe for crock pot sausage, green beans, and potatoes from Recipes that Crock. I might replace some of the liquid with chicken broth for more flavor. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

Yes, hello, pain in my neck and shoulders. I missed you too. Not.


The Design Sponge peeps posted Social Media Do’s and (Please) Don’ts. I’m guilty of some of those Don’ts. I’m horrible at keeping up with Twitter. There is just SO MUCH STUFF! I get overwhelmed very easily.

You have to check out On the Smugglers’ Radar over at The Book Smugglers. Ana and Thea do a weekly post about what books have taken their fancy lately and been added to their TBR piles. It never fails that I find at least one book I’m interested in too; which to both good and bad. I have enough TBR books as it is! (Added The May Queen Murders by Sarah Jude to my shelf. Dang it…)

Creamy Green Bean Casserole from Scratch over at Sally’s Baking Addiction. Even the crispy fried onions, people! I can’t deal. I just can’t. (whines with want)

Excuse me while I overly identify with some bloggers and have to go hide in the bathroom at work for 20 minutes to think. Wonder Forest posts Secret Anxiety Fighter: 6 Things You Didn’t Know. Also a little older post: The Little Mentally Ill Me.

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess walks us through a cranberry wreath just in time for Thanksgiving, as well as a cranberry related contest. (A couple years ago I made a cranberry wreath much like the one shown and made the huge mistake of hanging it outside on my door. A couple of a days later I came home from work to find the apartment breezeway filled with birds, all of them going to town on my cranberry wreath. Oh my god. The breezeway and my door had to be scrubbed down with soap and my door repainted because the birds had pooped everywhere. I was mortified. I took cookies to the leasing office to apologize to the maintenance guys and they told me it wasn’t the first time that had happened. I about died. So, if you make a food wreath, I seriously suggest sealing it with some sort of clear spray. Learn from my mistakes, people.)

Small world in blog-land. Foodiecrush contributor Hayley Putnam interviewed Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats about going gluten-free the last two years and her new ebook Gluten-Free for Beginners: 30 Day Meal Plan and Guide for Gluten-Free Success. I follow both blogs. Foodiecrush also shares Kristin’s recipe for gluten-free Beef with Broccoli. (I went gluten free a couple months ago in hopes it would help my PCOS. It hasn’t been very fun but I’ve been seeing signs of improvement.)

This sarcastic response to the Starbucks red holiday cup ridiculousness. 20 Things I Find Offensive About This Red Cup from The Daily Tay, who I found a couple of days ago and adore her attitude. (The cup is red and green, people! Those are Christmas colors! And the Starbucks cups have never been religious. If you are letting a cup define your holiday, then you are the one with the problem.)


The Books

Finished: The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen & Beastkeeper by Cat Hellion

Started: The Poe Estate by Polly Shulman

Waiting: Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

Book Review: The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

Subscription Box Review : Owl Crate October 2015


I fell off the writing wagon. I was doing really well until the beginning of this week. Then I slowly wrote less and less everyday and now I haven’t written anything for the past two days. I’m like 6,000 words behind where I should be. As usual, I have lots of ideas but no motivation. Why, brain? Why must you be like this? As I sit right now, I have 15,299 words. By the end of today, I should have about 22,000. Yikes.

My cat, Fiona, finally managed to tear a slat on my mini blinds. Well, not really mine. They were there when I moved into the apartment four years ago. But the point is that she is a very naughty kitty and will be getting coal for Christmas.

I’m thinking about joining a read-a-thon for Thanksgiving or Christmas and then reading just the books on my TBR pile that are under 300 pages. The tiny books I can finish in just two or three days despite being busy or hit with the sudden desire to stare at the TV for an evening. That would knock out a good 10 books or more off my TBR pile.

I really, really want to start using Instagram but I don’t have a smartphone. I have a dumbphone that is slowly dying on me. I could carry my point-and-shoot Canon camera around with me everywhere I go but I don’t have the patience for that. (whine) First world problems….

A co-worker told me on Wednesday that she envied me because I was always so calm. I thanked her and then hightailed it to the bathroom so I could laugh like the crazy person I really am. It’s nice to know I’m fooling the world, even if I’m not fooling myself.

photo copyright Patricia Hull
The touristy Main Street in my town, by the Missouri River. It’s a cute area but all the little shops are over priced and bland gift shops. There are a couple good stores I visit but I’m basically only down there to wander along the river and for festivals and stuff.

Thank you for reading!

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Greetings on this Monday Morning


Well, here we are again. Monday morning. I know you are all as thrilled to see another beginning to the work week as I am. (That was sarcasm right there.) I ended up losing my whole Sunday to a migraine. I have TMJ and I clinch my teeth when I sleep. So I have a lot of jaw pain and a lot of headaches, even after spending several thousand dollars on trying to find relief. Then I get the occasional massive, debilitating migraine. These happen about once a month and they just take me out. My whole day, just gone. The whole day spent either asleep in bed or asleep on the couch with pain patches all over my neck and a heat pack on my forehead. I take the max number of pain pills on these days. And when it’s finally over, I feel as if a heavy weight wrestler has beaten the shit out of me. I slept all day yesterday and half the night and I still feel exhausted right now. I feel vaguely nauseous and sore. It’s horrible. Fist bump to all my fellow migraine sufferers. This sucks.

My reserve for Fat Girl Walking: Sex, Food, Love, and Being Comfortable in Your Skin…Every Inch of It by Brittany Gibbons is in at the library, so I’ll stop by after work to pick that up. I’m also waiting for a copy of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell to become available because, hello!, published fanfiction. (Yes, I realize it’s not really fanfiction [I have read Fangirl.] but it’s going to read like fanfiction and I’m a fanfiction junkie and I can’t wait!) There is a long list and somebody on there has kept their book over by 3 weeks. I’m about ready to hunt that person down, I tell ya. Hand in your books people! Especially if it’s a new release! You are being rude!

In other news, I’ve gone gluten free and lost 5 pounds in the last two weeks. Holla! People keep offering me cake and I can’t have it and it’s driving me nuts. Why have I gone gluten free? I don’t have celiac disease but I do have PCOS, which is a hormone disorder that can be exasperated by a chemical produced when digesting gluten. I’m hoping that going gluten free will help with some of my stomach upset and skin condition. I’ll see if I can’t get a post together with more information on that. I’ll also be doing some taste tests and reviews of gluten free products and recipes. It’s been hard to cut gluten from my diet but it’s going well so far.

I hope you all have an awesome week!

Thank you for reading!

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2013: The Year of the Series!

I’ve been running through the Listopia pages for 2013 new releases and all I’m seeing is new installments for series after series. Ugh! I’m burnt out over huge series; I barely want to deal with trilogies as it is. Maybe because I’ve yet to see a sequel that is at least as good as the original book. I’m always disappointed by book number two. I start sequels with a sense of dread, even if I utterly adored the first book. But I might be willing to see where these series installments end up. Maybe.

perfectscoundrelsPerfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter
Heist Society #3
Published February 5th 2013 by Hyperion Books for Children

Katarina Bishop and W.W. Hale the fifth were born to lead completely different lives: Kat comes from a long, proud line of loveable criminal masterminds, while Hale is the scion of one of the most seemingly perfect dynasties in the world. If their families have one thing in common, it’s that they both know how to stay under the radar while getting–or stealing–whatever they want. No matter the risk, the Bishops can always be counted on, but in Hale’s family, all bets are off when money is on the line. When Hale unexpectedly inherits his grandmother’s billion dollar corporation, he quickly learns that there’s no place for Kat and their old heists in his new role. But Kat won’t let him go that easily, especially after she gets tipped off that his grandmother’s will might have been altered in an elaborate con to steal the company’s fortune. So instead of being the heir–this time, Hale might be the mark. Forced to keep a level head as she and her crew fight for one of their own, Kat comes up with an ambitious and far-reaching plan that only the Bishop family would dare attempt. To pull it off, Kat is prepared to do the impossible, but first, she has to decide if she’s willing to save her boyfriend’s company if it means losing the boy.

runawaykingThe Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen
The Ascendance Trilogy #2
Expected publication: March 1st 2013 by Scholastic Press

A kingdom teetering on the brink of destruction. A king gone missing. Who will survive? Find out in the highly anticipated sequel to Jennifer A. Nielsen’s blockbuster THE FALSE PRINCE!

Just weeks after Jaron has taken the throne, an assassination attempt forces him into a deadly situation. Rumors of a coming war are winding their way between the castle walls, and Jaron feels the pressure quietly mounting within Carthya. Soon, it becomes clear that deserting the kingdom may be his only hope of saving it. But the further Jaron is forced to run from his identity, the more he wonders if it is possible to go too far. Will he ever be able to return home again? Or will he have to sacrifice his own life in order to save his kingdom?

The stunning second installment of The Ascendance Trilogy takes readers on a roller-coaster ride of treason and murder, thrills and peril, as they journey with the Runaway King!

prettyslyPretty Sly by Elisa Ludwig
Pretty Crooked #2
Expected publication: March 12th 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books

Willa Fox was told to stay out of trouble. In fact, it was an order from a very serious juvenile court judge.

However, that was before Willa found her house ransacked and a mysterious email from her mother telling Willa she had to leave Paradise Valley for a while and not to come looking for her. Willa knows her mom’s in danger and that no one at school will miss her after her recent sticky-fingered stunts with the Glitterati. So with the help of her pal Tre and with her degenerate crush Aidan as her wingman, Willa violates her probation and hits the California highway in search of her mom.

But when Willa and Aidan’s journey turns dangerously criminal and they wind up being the focus of a national manhunt, they realize it’s sometimes easier to escape the law than the truth—and that everything Willa thought she knew about her mom, and her life, was wrong.

Pretty Sly is Elisa Ludwig’s fast-paced sequel to Pretty Crooked, the second book in a trilogy that’s pitch-perfect for fans of Ally Carter. With a daring heroine who has one-of-a-kind spunk, a roller-coaster Bonnie and Clyde romance, a thrilling mystery, and a shocking twist ending, this book will have readers rooting for Willa as she makes the wrong choices to do the right thing. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the series conclusion.

GameGame by Barry Lyga
Jasper Dent #2
Expected publication: April 16th 2013 by Little, Brown Young Readers

I Hunt Killers introduced the world to Jasper (Jazz) Dent, the son of the world’s most infamous serial killer.

When a desperate New York City detective comes knocking on Jazz’s door asking for help with a new case, Jazz can’t say no. The Hat-Dog Killer has the Big Apple–and its police force running scared with no leads. So Jazz and his girlfriend Connie hop on a plane to the big city and get swept up in a killer’s murderous game.

Meanwhile, Jazz’s dad Billy is watching…and waiting.

summerkinSummerkin by Sarah Prineas
Winterling #2
Expected publication: April 23rd 2013 by HarperCollins

Down through the Way she fell, feeling the wind and the pressing darkness, the dizzy thump when she landed on the bank. She was through. The air felt softer here, the shadows deeper—and the pull of her connection to the land settled into her bones.

In the Summerlands, time moves slowly, roots grow deeply, and change is not welcomed. But change is needed.

After defeating the wicked Mor and freeing her kin from deadly oaths made to this false ruler, Fer is now the rightful Lady of the land. Yet her people don’t know what to make of their new Lady’s strange ways, and neither do the High Ones, the rulers of the magical realm, for Fer is an outsider—half human.

To prove herself worthy of the Summerlands crown, Fer is summoned to compete in an epic contest where her strengths and skills will be tested and her loyalties challenged. Can she trust Rook, the puck she calls friend? Can she trust herself? If Fer fails, she will lose her land and the Way will be closed to her forever.

With stunning prose, Sarah Prineas weaves an enchanting adventure in which Fer must decide if she’s ready to rule and just how far she’ll go to protect her kin.

wednesdayinthetowerWednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George
Castle Glower #2
Expected publication: May 2013 by Bloomsbury Children’s

A castle that is constantly rearranging itself, and a young royal family sworn to protect it… Celie, Rolf, and their beloved Castle Glower are back in this exciting sequel.

Strange things are afoot in Castle Glower: new rooms, corridors, and even stables keep arriving, even when they aren’t needed. Celie’s brother Bran, the new Royal Wizard, has his hands full cataloguing an entire storeroom full of exotic and highly dangerous weapons, while Celie has her hands full . . . raising the creature that hatches from a giant egg she finds! Will they be able to find out what’s making the Castle behave this way in time?

wellsbequestThe Wells Bequest by Polly Shulman
The Grimm Legacy #2
Expected publication: June 13th 2013 by Nancy Paulsen Books

Leo never imagined that time travel might really be possible, or that the objects in H. G. Wells’ science fiction novels might actually exist. And when a miniature time machine appears in Leo’s bedroom, he has no idea who the tiny, beautiful girl is riding it. But in the few moments before it vanishes, returning to wherever—and whenever—it came from, he recognizes the other tiny rider: himself!

His search for the time machine, the girl, and his fate leads him to the New-York Circulating Material Repository, a magical library that lends out objects instead of books. Hidden away in the Repository basement is the Wells Bequest, a secret collection of powerful objects straight out of classic science fiction novels: robots, rockets, submarines, a shrink ray—and one very famous time machine. And when Leo’s adventure of a lifetime suddenly turns deadly, he must attempt a journey to 1895 to warn real-life scientist Nikola Tesla about a dangerous invention. A race for time is on!

In this grand time-travel adventure full of paradoxes and humor, Polly Shulman gives readers a taste of how fascinating science can be, deftly blending classic science fiction elements with the contemporary fantasy world readers fell in love with in The Grimm Legacy.

Wow, that turned out longer than I thought it would. Aw, who am I kidding? I’m going to be all over these books like stink on a stunk as soon as they hit the shelves, sequel or not. I didn’t even know there were going to be sequels for a couple of them. I’m so excited! What about you? Do you have a sequel you’re looking forward to?

Thank you for reading!

My love for my Kindle ereader & the books I’m reading now…

I am now in love with my Kindle. I should have stolen it from my Mom years ago. It is awesome. Not only has it opened up more than one new source of books for me, it’s easier to carry around and more discrete. I can prop it up against my computer monitor at work and read while I staple job packets together. (Trust me, that part of my job is mind numbing. I have no problem reading at the same time.) I can buy books from Amazon cheaper than a paper book and now that I’ve figured out my library’s ebook lending system, I can get library books without getting off my butt and actually going to the library. My Kindle is awesome!

I love my Kindle!

Tomorrow we have my review for Vintage: A Ghost Story by Steve Berman. (I’m pleased to note that Steve Berman actually left a comment on my blog hoping I enjoyed the book. I love it when authors find me. It makes me all tingly. I can assure Mr. Berman that I very much enjoyed Vintage.)

Coming up in the long run we have some books by Diana Wynne Jones that I might smoosh together rather than make individual posts for each book. I’m catching up on my fairytale and fantasy books. Then I’m reading Splintered by A.G. Howard to feed my Alice in Wonderland obsession. I have to finish Carlousia: The Passing of the Guard by E.G. Carter that was given to me for review and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve taken forever to get to.

I was hoping to read Mariner’s Luck by Kirby Crow, the sequel to Scarlet and the White Wolf, but it appears like it is another book not available as an ebook for Kindle. I really liked Scarlet and the While Wolf and was hoping to read the trilogy but I am once again being blocked on all sides. Can’t get it at the library, can’t get it as an ebook, can’t do anything. I’m just going to sit in a corner and sulk for all the bloody good it does asking Amazon or my library system for the bloody books. Fail in all directions.

Thank you for reading!

A LGBT Reading List

Since I got a Kindle for the sole reason of being able to read less available books, I thought it would be nice if I posted a reading list. I actually just finished my first book on the Kindle and while I still prefer paper books, it wasn’t so bad. As long as I watch how much I spend on ebooks, I think this should work out just fine. Plus, I’m self-aware enough to get a vicious little thrill knowing that me buying one of these ebooks is supporting the less popular genres and subjects rather than buying some explosive best seller. I love the underdog.

Coming soon from my Kindle, a list of LGBT books.

scarletwhite wolfScarlet and the White Wolf by Kirby Crow
Status: Finished; review coming soon.

Scarlet of Lysia is an honest peddler, a young merchant traveling the wild, undefended roads to support his aging parents. Liall, called the Wolf of Omara, is the handsome, world-weary chieftain of a tribe of bandits blocking a mountain road that Scarlet needs to cross. When Liall jokingly demands a carnal toll for the privilege, Scarlet refuses and an inventive battle of wills ensues, with disastrous results. Scarlet is convinced that Liall is a worthless, immoral rogue, but when the hostile countryside explodes into violence and Liall unexpectedly fights to save the lives of Scarlet’s family, Scarlet is forced to admit that the Wolf is not the worst ally he could have, but what price will proud Scarlet ultimately have to pay for Liall’s friendship? (Gay Little Red Riding Hood! Ouch! I think my childhood just flinched.)

vintageVintage: A Ghost Story by Steve Berman
Status: On Kindle; not started.

A lonely boy walking along a highway one autumn evening meets the boy of his dreams, a boy who happens to have died decades ago and haunts the road. Awkward crushes, both bitter and sweet, lead him to face youthful dreams and childish fears. With its cast of offbeat friends, antiques, and Ouija boards, Vintage is not your typical romance but does offers readers a memorable blend of dark humor, chills and love.

unnaturalUnnatural by Michael Griffo
Status: Not Bought.

Michael Howard and Ronan Glynn-Rowley meet at Archangel Academy, an all-boys school in Eden, a rural town in north western England. Both are outcasts and decried as unnatural, Michael because he’s gay, and Ronan because he’s a hybrid vampire. But when Ronan, afraid to reveal his true self to Michael, turns him into a vampire against his will, both become drawn into a dangerous new world, where traditional vampires plot to destroy hybrids, and where fellow students, teachers, even their own families have unexpected secrets… (Gay vampires! How can I resist?)

riseofheroesRise of Heroes by Hayden Thorne
Status: Not Bought. I’m annoyed because this ebook isn’t available but book 2 and book 3 of the series is. Why would the first book of series not be available as an ebook but later books are? Fail Amazon!

Strange things are happening in Vintage City, and high school goth boy Eric seems to be right in the middle of them. There’s a new villain in town, one with super powers, and he’s wreaking havoc on the town, and on Eric’s life. The new super hero who springs up to defend Vintage City is almost as bad, making Eric all hot and bothered, enough so that he almost misses the love that’s right between his nose. Peter is Eric’s best friend, and even if he does seem to be hiding something most of the time, he finds a way to show Eric how he feels in between attacks on trains and banks and malls. The two boys decide to start dating, much to the chagrin of their other best buddy, Althea, who has a terrible crush on Peter, and a secret or two of her own to keep. As the fight between the villain, known as the Devil’s Trill, and superhero Magnifiman picks up, Eric’s relationship with Peter almost ends before it begins when Eric finds out about Peter’s special talents, which might just rank Peter as a superhero in his own right. When the Trill takes an interest in Eric, too, Peter and Althea, along with Magnifiman and Eric’s normal, middle-class family all have to work together to keep Eric, and their city, safe. Can they figure out the super villain’s plan in time?

heartsenseHeart Sense by K.L. Richardsson
Status: Not Bought.

The only son of a traveling merchant, Katjin spends his summer in the clan lands with his grandparents. He wishes his father, his apa, would take him along, but despite the promises that someday he’ll get to go, Katjin is left behind while his apa heads away on business that seems more and more suspicious the older Kat becomes. During one such summer, Katjin finds Mikael, a lost young man, who draws Kat to him by answering his song. In a world where the Empire brands all people as either ‘paths, people with psychic talent, or as non-‘paths, Mikael is remarkable in that he has no brand. Fearing that the Calvary, who are arriving to recruit new members, will find Mikael in their clan and bring the Empire’s fury down upon them, the clan sends Kat and Mikael to hide away until it is safe – along with his cousin Soren to keep them both safe. Knowing the best way to keep Mikael from being taken is to make him a member of the clan, Soren and Katjin plan a blood bonding ceremony, but they have no idea what kind of trouble they’ve started with their actions. Katjin learns soon enough that he won’t be able to escape his bond with Mikael, and that danger lurks around every corner. Danger that he never knew existed. Can he keep Mikael safe long enough to figure out exactly what their future holds?

I’ve decided to do reviews of these books, mostly because the idea of excluding a book because of subject matter makes me twitch. So, expect reviews for LGBT books to start showing up here. I’ll probably only get one or two ebooks a month to stay in budget, so they will only appear every once and a while. These should get me thought spring. I’ve challenged myself to see how many LGBT books I can read this year and how they stack up against main stream books. It will be interesting to see how male/male relationships contrast to female/male relationships in young adult and fantasy books.

Happy reading, everybody!

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October Fest Schedule

How was the first week of autumn for everyone? Well, everyone in the northern hemisphere anyway. In the Midwest our temperatures dropped big time over the last week and we’ve been knocking around the low 70’s during the day and falling into the low 50’s during the night. I had to pull out the space heater over the weekend! (I refuse to turn on the heating system until at least November.) It’s cold out there, baby!

September is coming to a close and as the new work week rolls around we shall be in October and the start of my October Fest. All month long I will post blog entries with an autumn and Halloween theme. We have spooky book reviews, some crafts and videos (courtesy of YouTube), a read-a-thon, and a couple giveaways. Here is the schedule:

Mondays will continue to have the Just A Picture feature and for the month of October will contain multiple picture post. (If anybody would like their picture featured, feel free to email me.)

Tuesdays will be book review day, where I will post a review for a spooky or creepy book.

Wednesdays will be a tricky treat or craft day.

Thursdays will be haunted video day.

Fridays will be a free post where everything and anything is game. (I am open to guest posts from other bloggers.)

When we return on Monday, October 1st I will have the monthly address video up as well as that day’s Just A Picture posts. Monday is also the start of the Frightfall Read-a-thon. The read-a-thon runs from October 1st to October 7th. I’ll post my projected reading list in a moment. This will kick off the October Fest.

On Tuesday, October 2nd I will post my book review of It Takes a Witch by Juliet Blackwell as well as the new October book releases for the first half of the month. (I normally wait until Wednesday for my book releases post but several of them actually have publish dates of October 2nd, so I thought I’d bump it up just this once.)

On Wednesday, October 3rd we will have the first of our spooky crafts with some painted blocks and I’ll show off my Halloween Town. (I love my Halloween Town!) If I can get off my butt this weekend and down to Main Street, I might have a new house to show off.

On Thursday, October 4th we will have the first of the video posts. (I have a thing for The Nightmare Before Christmas, ok? Don’t judge me!)

On Friday, October 5th we will have a free post where I will feature some haunted stories and superstations, including my own run-ins with the supernatural. (Including continued visits from my departed cats, my Grandmother, and my friend’s haunted apartment.)

Later in the month I will be having two giveaways. Come back on October 14th for the Something Wicked Comes blog and giveaway hop where I will be featuring Silence by Michelle Sagara and giving away one copy of the book. (US only) I am also participating in I’m a Reader, Not a Writer’s Spooktacular giveaway hop where I will be giving away one $15 gift card to Amazon. (INT. as long as Amazon ships to you.)

Oh boy! Busy, busy! A lot of people are having October and Halloween parties, so I’ll be making the rounds during those. There is a lot going on and I’m sure we’ll all be very busy for the next few weeks. I hope to see you all back here on Monday so we can kick of October with a bang. Until then, I remain faithfully yours.

Almost there! The last of the September book releases.

We have just a week and a half left of September. Then October rolls around and we get into the swing of autumn and planning for Halloween. But it’s just enough time to get in a few more new releases for September. There are just a couple book releases left for September but they look fantastic.

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter
Publication date September 25th

Had anyone told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course between one heartbeat and the next, she would have laughed. From blissful to tragic, innocent to ruined? Please. But that’s all it took. One heartbeat. A blink, a breath, a second, and everything she knew and loved was gone.

Her father was right. The monsters are real…

To avenge her family, Ali must learn to fight the undead. To survive, she must learn to trust the baddest of the bad boys, Cole Holland. But Cole has secrets of his own, and if Ali isn’t careful, those secrets might just prove to be more dangerous than the zombies…

I wish I could go back and do a thousand things differently.
I’d tell my sister no.
I’d never beg my mother to talk to my dad.
I’d zip my lips and swallow those hateful words.
Or, barring all of that, I’d hug my sister, my mom and my dad one last time.
I’d tell them I love them.
I wish… Yeah, I wish.

The Blessed by Tonya Hurley
Publication date September 25th

From the author of the New York Times bestselling ghostgirl series, the start to a captivating and haunting teen trilogy about three girls who become entangled with an enigmatic boy — a boy who believes he is a saint.

What if martyrs and saints lived among us? And what if you were told you were one of them? Meet Agnes, Cecilia, and Lucy. Three lost girls, each searching for something. But what they find is Beyond Belief.

(I can’t be the only one who finds the girl on the cover monumentally creepy. I think it’s the eyes that are the problem.)

The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini
Publication date September 25th

Given the chance, fifteen-year-old Peregrine “Perry” Eckert would dedicate every waking moment to Creatures & Caverns, an epic role-playing game rich with magical creatures, spell casting, and deadly weapons. The world of C&C is where he feels most comfortable in his own skin, so when his parents ship him off to summer camp Perry is sure he’s in for the worst summer of his life.

Everything changes, however, when Perry gets to camp and stumbles into the World of the Other Normals. Perry’s new otherworldly friends need his help to save their princess and prevent mass violence. As they embark on their quest together, Perry realizes that his nerdy childhood has uniquely prepared him to be a great warrior in this world, and maybe even a hero.

Bestselling author Ned Vizzini delivers a compulsively readable and wildly original story about the winding and often hilarious path to manhood.

Darkwater by Catherine Fisher
Publication date September 27th

What would you sell your soul for?

Sixteen-year-old Sarah Trevelyan would give anything to regain the power and wealth her family has lost, so she makes a bargain with Azrael, Lord of Darkwater Hall. He gives her one hundred years and the means to accomplish her objective–in exchange for her soul. Fast-forward a hundred years to Tom, a fifteen-year-old boy who dreams of attending Darkwater Hall School but doesn’t believe he has the talent. Until he meets a professor named Azrael, who offers him a bargain. Will Sarah be able to stop Tom from making the same mistake she did a century ago?

This is smart fantasy mixed with elements of horror from master storyteller Catherine Fisher. She says, “Darkwater Hall is an image of the power and knowledge we all desire. But what will we pay for them, and are they worth the price?”

And, of course, the much talked about new book from J.K. Rowling. I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, my heart is screaming “Traitor! How dare you write something else.” On the other, I’m all bouncy for a new book. So, we shall see.

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling & Joel Holland
Publication date September 27th

When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock.

Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty façade is a town at war.

Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils…Pagford is not what it first seems.

And the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations?
The Casual Vacancy is J.K. Rowling’s first novel for adults.

And that’s it for September. Book on, people.

Not Done Yet! Book releases for September.

It’s already September and we’re all wondering where the summer has gone. The year is speeding by and the beginning of autumn is nearing. Soon it will be Mabon, the beginning of autumn, and the start of cool weather, bursts of color, and a craving for hot chocolate. October is right around the corner and then the count-down to Halloween for most of you and Samhain for us Pagans. (During which I have two parties, one ritual, and one silent dinner to attend. Busy!) But September is not over yet! And there are a few more upcoming book releases to look forward to. Here are some of the ones I’ve been keeping my eye on.

(This post will count for several “waiting on” hops.)

Dodger by Terry Pratchett
Goodreads lists the publication date as September 13th.
Amazon lists the publication date as September 25rd.

A storm. Rain-lashed city streets. A flash of lightning. A scruffy lad sees a girl leap desperately from a horse-drawn carriage in a vain attempt to escape her captors. Can the lad stand by and let her be caught again? Of course not, because he’s . . . Dodger.

Seventeen-year-old Dodger may be a street urchin, but he gleans a living from London’s sewers, and he knows a jewel when he sees one. He’s not about to let anything happen to the unknown girl—not even if her fate impacts some of the most powerful people in England.

From Dodger’s encounter with the mad barber Sweeney Todd to his meetings with the great writer Charles Dickens and the calculating politician Benjamin Disraeli, history and fantasy intertwine in a breathtaking account of adventure and mystery.

Beloved and bestselling author Sir Terry Pratchett combines high comedy with deep wisdom in this tale of an unexpected coming-of-age and one remarkable boy’s rise in a complex and fascinating world.

(If you will excuse me for a moment while I run around in crazy circles because Terry Pratchett has a new book. Pratchett is one of my favorite authors and I’m ecstatic to see a new book by him.)

The Diviners by Libba Bray
Publication date September 18th.

Evie O’Neill has been exiled from her boring old hometown and shipped off to the bustling streets of New York City–and she is pos-i-toot-ly thrilled. New York is the city of speakeasies, shopping, and movie palaces! Soon enough, Evie is running with glamorous Ziegfield girls and rakish pickpockets. The only catch is Evie has to live with her Uncle Will, curator of The Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult–also known as “The Museum of the Creepy Crawlies.”

When a rash of occult-based murders comes to light, Evie and her uncle are right in the thick of the investigation. And through it all, Evie has a secret: a mysterious power that could help catch the killer–if he doesn’t catch her first.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
Publication date September 18th.

“There are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve,” Neeve said. “Either you’re his true love . . . or you killed him.”

It is freezing in the churchyard, even before the dead arrive.

Every year, Blue Sargent stands next to her clairvoyant mother as the soon-to-be dead walk past. Blue herself never sees them—not until this year, when a boy emerges from the dark and speaks directly to her.

His name is Gansey, and Blue soon discovers that he is a rich student at Aglionby, the local private school. Blue has a policy of staying away from Aglionby boys. Known as Raven Boys, they can only mean trouble.

But Blue is drawn to Gansey, in a way she can’t entirely explain. He has it all—family money, good looks, devoted friends—but he’s looking for much more than that. He is on a quest that has encompassed three other Raven Boys: Adam, the scholarship student who resents all the privilege around him; Ronan, the fierce soul who ranges from anger to despair; and Noah, the taciturn watcher of the four, who notices many things but says very little.

For as long as she can remember, Blue has been warned that she will cause her true love to die. She never thought this would be a problem. But now, as her life becomes caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys, she’s not so sure anymore.

From Maggie Stiefvater, the bestselling and acclaimed author of the Shiver trilogy and The Scorpio Races, comes a spellbinding new series where the inevitability of death and the nature of love lead us to a place we’ve never been before.

The Dead Girls Detective Agency by Suzy Cox
Publication date September 18th.

Pop quiz: What would you do if you had to solve your own murder to get anywhere in death?

Maybe if I hadn’t slept through my alarm, slammed into Kristin–my high school’s reigning mean girl–or stepped in a puddle, destroying my mom’s new suede DVF boots (which I borrowed without asking), I wouldn’t have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I wouldn’t have been pushed in front of that arriving train. But I did, and I was.

When I came to, I was informed by a group of girls that I’m dead. And that because I died under mysterious circumstances, I can’t pass straight over to the Other Side. But at least I’m not alone. Meet the Dead Girls Detective Agency: Nancy, Lorna, and Tess–not to mention Edison, the really cute if slightly hostile dead boy. Apparently, the only way out of this limbo is to figure out who killed me, or I’ll have to spend eternity playing Nancy Drew. Considering I was fairly invisible in life, who could hate me enough to want me dead? And what if my murderer is someone I never would have suspected?

Confession of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
Publication date September 24th.

James Patterson returns to the genre that made him famous with a thrilling teen detective series about the mysterious and magnificently wealthy Angel family . . . and the dark secrets they’re keeping from one another.

On the night Malcolm and Maud Angel are murdered, Tandy Angel knows just three things: 1) She was the last person to see her parents alive. 2) The police have no suspects besides Tandy and her three siblings. 3) She can’t trust anyone–maybe not even herself. Having grown up under Malcolm and Maud’s intense perfectionist demands, no child comes away undamaged. Tandy decides that she will have to clear the family name, but digging deeper into her powerful parents’ affairs is a dangerous-and revealing-game. Who knows what the Angels are truly capable of?

As you can see, there are still a lot of great books coming up in September!


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Game – sequel to I Hunt Killers

Last week I did a review for I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga, where I praised the book as being pretty damn near perfect. I was taking a turn around the author blogs I follow and caught Lyga’s first news regarding the sequel. Titled “Game”, the book is scheduled for publication April 2013.

From his blog:

What’s it about? Well, it’s a few months after the events of the first book. Billy Dent is free. Jazz is tending to some long-overdue business.

And like the cover says: Bodies are piling up. Again.

Everyone from the first book is back, along with some new characters. And a new location.

And since it’s the second book, everything – everything — gets so much worse…

Game. April 2013. Are you ready?

Yes. Yes, I am. I can’t wait!

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