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Happy Halloween!

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I love it when Halloween falls on a weekend. Kids and adults alike can stay out and have fun without having to worry about finishing homework and getting up for school in the morning. Parents aren’t rushing home from work, trying to get some food into their kids while stuffing them into costumes to go trick or treating. They can make a whole day of it. Unfortunately, it looks like it might rain today where I live. I know, bummer.

I’m going as the tooth fairy! Not the one from The Guardians. I can’t imagine dealing with all those feathers. Just a normal tooth fairy. I’ve got pink pants, a shirt, and tutu and then I’m wearing a silver crown, pink/purple wings, and carrying a little bag with chocolate coins. I’ve also got a tooth necklace and some teeth earrings. And I have a little plastic toy hammer. Because I need a tooth in exchange for the chocolate coins. It’s only fair.

I really wish Halloween was bigger. People barely decorate anymore. And I mean decorate as in more than just a pumpkin on the porch. Halloween is such an awesome holiday and it’s so under appreciated. There should be more things to do for Halloween. We’re did some activates at work because Cathy and I love Halloween and it’s like pulling teeth to get anyone to do anything. It drives me nuts! Everybody should be dressing up and be excited to play games and win things. Instead, I wonder why I’m bothering. Grouches.

Well, stay dry, stay warm, and stay spooky, people! Happy Halloween!

Thank you for reading!

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The Teal Pumpkin Project

The number of people who have food allergies is growing. It’s estimated that 4% – 6% of children in the United States are affected by food allergies. About 4 out of every 100 kids. The most common being an allergy to peanuts, gluten (wheat), or soy. Sometimes they are affected by multiple things. This kind of takes the joy out of trick or treating on Halloween. It can be disheartening when your parents have to search through your candy bag and take most of it away because you are allergic to the peanuts in Snickers and Reese’s cups or to the gluten in Kit Kats and Twix. Reactions range from the merely uncomfortable with hives or an upset stomach, which includes damage to the digestive system, to the more serious with anaphylactic shock, where the child’s airways constrict until they can no longer breathe.


That’s why I encourage everyone to join the Teal Pumpkin Project. It’s a pretty simple idea. When parents see a teal pumpkin out on your porch, they know that this house will be food allergy friendly. Plain chocolate will be free of peanuts or gluten but it’s pretty hard to avoid soy. Even M&M’s or Hershey’s Kisses have soy in them. Then you have to worry about cross-contamination. This is where a candy that is technically allergen free is made on machines that handle other candies with those allergens. A candy made on a machine that makes something else with peanuts will often trigger a reaction in those allergic to peanuts. It’s a dangerous world for those with serious allergies.

That’s why I suggest a nonfood item for trick or treating. A small toy from the dollar store or, for a more Halloween feel, some small party favors. PartyCity has a lot to choose from but any store selling Halloween stuff will have small games, toys, and other things a kid with food allergies can play with. Target had maze games and spy glasses, the type with fake glasses and mustaches, which would be fun.



Having options for kids with allergies will insure that everyone gets to enjoy Halloween. So, paint a pumpkin teal and be sure to set it out Halloween night to let people know you have allergy friendly treats available.

Happy Halloween!

Thank you for reading!

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Happy First Day of October!


Sunny and in the upper 60’s today. I walked outside this morning and let out this huge breath. Ahhh. Hello, Autumn. Hello, October. My favorite month in my favorite season. Boneregard, my 6 foot skeleton, is going out on the balcony this evening. During the Halloween season, he waves at people to get them in the spirit. Ok, he doesn’t really wave but his arm is in the air like he’s waving. You get the idea. 

punchFor Halloween this year, I’m going to be a tooth fairy. Not the one from the Guardians movie but just a simple tooth fairy. I’m going to get a pink shirt, leggings and a tutu. Stick on some fairy wings, a cheap plastic crown, and magic up a tooth wand, and I’ll be rocking the tooth fairy look. I’m thinking about getting a leather pouch and filling it will chocolate coins to give to my coworkers and trick or treaters. Of course, I require a tooth in exchange. Hold still while I knock one out. 

I need to get some more Halloween decoration review posts up. I still have the videos from Target and now pictures from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to share. Then I want to get another post of my Colorado vacation up, which I’ve been meaning to do forever. And I have a couple of book reviews I should type up and post. Man, I’m lazy. Where did the time go?

Thank you for reading!

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Target Halloween 2015


If you’ve shopped at any store lately, you’ve probably noticed the Halloween stuff. A giant 10 foot tall pumpkin head blow up doll is kind of hard to miss, after all. Yesterday was the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere. Soon, it will be October and Halloween season. My favorite time of the year! Give me a good Halloween over any other holiday and I’m a happy camper. There are a couple stores I always hit when they get their Halloween stuff up and Target is one of them.

The promised land. There is more stuff to the right of this photo.

Target has a lot of bright, colorful Dead of the Day stuff this year. Perfect for a less scary Halloween party.

A selection of hanging decorations. I’ll have some videos of the animated and electronic stuff up Saturday.

For your witching needs.

A lot of skeletons. Notice the cat and wiener dog skeletons on the bottom shelf.

Hanging decorations and tombstones.

Note the alligator skulls, light up Beware signs, and more cat skeletons.

Orange and black wreaths and creepy black owls.

10 foot tall pumpkin head blow up doll; because every Halloween yard display needs one.

There was a whole row of lights and lighted figures like those on the top shelf. There was even a nice selection of LED battery operated lights; perfect of lighting up a fake pumpkin without worrying about setting it on fire. (Psst! LED lights are cool to the touch.)

Potion bottles and creepy radios and gramophones.

Orange and black party supplies.

Close up of the cute hanging decorations.

And, of course, lots and lots of candy.

When I was a kid, candy companies put out special candy for Halloween. They were Halloween shapes and were in decorated wrappers. You felt like you were getting something special and awesome because it was different. You knew you were getting Halloween candy. Now it’s just regular bags of candy that you could find all year long. It’s very disappointing.

There are a few hold outs but they are hard to find. Dove had milk chocolate eyeballs and dark chocolate pumpkins.

And, of course, Reese’s pumpkin shapes.

I plan to hit a few other stores and see what they have to offer. Party City usually has some nice stuff. Home Good will have some fancier pieces. Spirit and Halloween City aren’t open in my area yet but I’ll definetly be header there when they do open. Michael’s, Jo Ann’s, and Hobby Lobby always have Halloween decorations and crafty stuff. Eeee! I can’t wait to see what everyone has!

Have you found an awesome Halloween decoration?

Thank you for reading!

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Trick or Treat: Witch’s Hat

The witch’s hat project starts at your local craft store. There are a lot of premade forms for Halloween projects there. I was able to find papier-mâché witch’s hats are several places for around three dollars.

Now, paint that sucker black. I used acrylic craft paint in matte black. Let it dry for about an hour.

Now that you have a blank black witch’s hat you can paint whatever you want on there. It’s at this point where you will discover the hard way that the acrylic paints you have will for some unearthly reason not paint smoothly onto the surface of your black witch’s hat. But! Never fear! Because you can always turn to craft paint pens. Paint pens are easy to use and will adhere to anything. Some find that using paint pens, especially for letters, are much neater than trying to paint in a straight line.

For my witch’s hat I used a white paint pen to write “The Witch Is In.” around the rim of the hat. I then used a metallic silver pen in draw stars around the words and up the cone. Metallic colors are bit harder to find but it can be done. I also had a selection of Halloween ribbon. Of course, when trying to glue it on I discovered the laws of physics will not bend to my will and I would not be able to get the ribbon to lie flat on the curved hat. Annoying. So I was forced to glue the ribbon at one place in the back and let it rest at the bottom as you see here in the second photo.

Here is my completed hat.

Happy Halloween!


Just A Picture – Oct. 1

All of these pictures are from the Facebook group The Pumpkin Season ~ When Witches Fly. The only sources I can provide are the album pages from that group. But the pics are so beautiful I couldn’t resist.




Guest Posts & Submissions Wanted!

We have just a single week until the start of October and I, like many book blogs, am planning a month long party. During my October Fest, as I’ve selected to call it, I shall be running two features that I thought might be good to open up for guest blogging and submissions.

If you wish to participate, please email me at

On Mondays I will be having my Just A Picture feature and I will be accepting submissions for pictures. Pictures must have an autumn or Halloween theme, be family friendly, be of your own creation, or have the express permission of the creator. Do not present another person’s picture as your own. Feel free to include a little blurb with the picture.

On Fridays I will be having a free post and I am looking for guest bloggers with a spooky story to tell, a trick or treat to share, or something interesting. Posts do not have to be book related but they do have to have an autumn or Halloween theme, be family friendly, be of your own creation, and be well thought out and reflect effort on the writer’s part. Pictures can be included in the posts, within reason.

(I reserve the right to reject submissions as I see fit for any reason and to choose their posting time if I do accept them. I look forward to working with you.)

We are all going to be very busy this month but I think this is a great opportunity to get some exposure for our blogs. So, get your thinking caps on and come up with some posts!

Thank you!

Best day of the year!

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