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The Cat in the Haunted House

I bought my kitten one of those haunted house cardboard scratcher things from Target a couple weeks ago. Let me just tell you, I am not smarter than the instructions. Even for a cardboard cat house. I didn’t bend the tabs down before trying to slot it together and tried to fix it with duct tape because I’m a stubborn idiot. Then my brain kicked into gear and I actually read the instructions that came with the house. Nothing brings you down a peg than failing to put together something that doesn’t even have screws. Yay, me.

At least Fiona likes it. She sleeps in it and stores her supply of mice in the back corner.




It was $29.99. Although, I hear you can order it online for cheaper.

Today I took Fiona to the vet to have her little lady bits snipped and to have her micro-chipped. Maybe she’ll calm down a little once she’s fixed. Ha! Yeah right. For a 6 month old kitten, that girl has some attitude. I kind of wish she’d stop attacking the drapes. And me.

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