Friday Ramble Jan. 15


Happy Friday, everybody. Welcome to the Friday Ramble, where I recap the week and include some of my favorite posts and inspiration from other bloggers.

girlboarderHello 2016!

I haven’t posted a Friday Ramble since before Christmas. The end of the year is super busy at work and then socially I was doing way more than I’m used to and blogging was the last thing on my mind. Suddenly, it was a week into 2016 and I hadn’t posted anything. Good thing ‘blogging more’ isn’t one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Christmas was good. We held it on the Saturday after, since Tina’s, my brother’s girlfriend, family does a big thing on Christmas. Our family is so little it hardly matters. Dan made lamp chops. They were something a little different for us and were super yummy. I made my grandmother’s chocolate cake, of which I managed to get one piece of before the rest of it was stolen out from under my nose by my family. I think my Dad made off with at least half of it. He’s a chocolate fiend. Then Tina made roasted veggies and the pan had to be pried from my hands. I love me some roasted veggies.

Then on the Monday after Christmas, a friend of mine was in town for her Dad’s birthday and we all gathered at a Chinese buffet to spend time with her since she was only here for two days. We pretty much took over a corner and spent the evening. Our waitress, however, seemed to take issue with us and acted pissy and disappeared after an hour. It’s a buffet, lady. All you have to do is refill the drinks. I know as an Asian person, working in a Chinese buffet is the 9th circle of hell, but you need to control the attitude. You are working a job and you lost yourself what would have been a substantial tip from our group. We kept having to flag down different people to get drink refills and dirty plates taken away and the place wasn’t even busy.

Then I was feeling particularly social, so I agreed to go out to a New Year’s party at a friend’s house. It was very wild. We were all drunk. Cops came. I slept in a potted plant. I’m kidding. But, seriously, I had a great time. We played Cards Against Humanity and Werewolf and ate a truly astonishing amount of pizza and girly wine cooler drinks. I could have done without the two hyper little kids underfoot. I came, I had fun, I called it a success.

Until 24 hours later when I developed a sore throat and chest congestion. This is what I get for exposing myself to people. (Get your minds out of the gutter.) I dragged myself to work until I just couldn’t anymore and ended up leaving early on Wednesday and taking Thursday and Friday off last week . Not how I want to use my vacation time. How annoying. I was sick all weekend. I’m still coughing now. Plus I broke out around my mouth and on my chin because I wasn’t keeping up with my routine. I was too busy cuddling my cat, wrapped up in every blanket I own on the couch. So far, the start of 2016 sucks.

And we lost some great people this past week. David Bowie on Sunday and then Alan Rickman on Thursday. Both aged 69. Both died from cancer. Not funny, Universe. Not funny. Fuck cancer. Fuck it. Those people, my Mother, were not done living yet. Damn it.


7 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence & Feel Beautiful Again

10 Indulgent Potato Recipes for Winter Yummy. Potatoes. Starchy goodness.

16 Confessions From Librarians That Will Surprise You – BuzzFeed

5 YA Books You Should Be Reading This January – BuzzFeed I’m not so sure about This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp. I mean, a book about a school shooting seems kind of in bad taste.

These Are The 2016 Books Readers Are Most Pumped For – BuzzFeed Meh. I might read Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard but I’d have to read Red Queen first. I’m kind of growing uninterested in YA lately.

19 Books To Read Before The Movie Comes Out In 2016 – BuzzFeed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Through the Looking-Glass. And of course Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

5 Ways Book Blogging with Anxiety and Depression Sucks Balls Yes. All the yes in the universe. And add in lack of motivation to even do anything and you often feel like you shouldn’t even bother blogging at all.

I have yet to find a book coming out in 2016 to really get excited about. I hope that is not indicative of how the year is going to go.

The Books

Let’s see; what have I read since the last time we talked….

Finished: Waistcoasts & Weaponry by Gail Carriger, Bad Girls by Jane Yolen, Poison by Bridget Zinn

Started: Manners & Mutiny by Gail Carriger (I am determined to finish this series if it kills me. It’s so slow, it’s practically torture.)

Next: The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani (Even though every book in the series is huge and I’m probably going to both love and hate it, I’m going to read it.)

Spy2015_TeaserPosterI have to rant. This is the first time a movie has pissed me off this much. And it’s supposed to be an effing comedy too. A few days ago I watched Spy. Yeah, that movie with Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law. McCarthy plays an overweight CIA tech that takes up field work to avenge the death of her agent partner, Jude Law. It’s supposed to be funny. It’s insulting. It is the worst dribble I have ever been forced to watch. McCarthy’s weight is played for laughs. Her character is made to act like a buffoon and even when she is kicking bad guy ass, it’s done in such a way as to remind you that it’s amazing that she is going this while being overweight. Look at this lady getting shit done; too bad she’s worthless because she’s fat. Law’s character doesn’t even see her as a person. The main character is portrayed as a pathetic and useless cartoon simple because she is not a 100 pounds.

I am filled with rage. Unrequited love is the theme, because obviously an overweight person doesn’t deserve love. It’s two hours of body shaming and fat person humiliation. ‘A woman only has value if she’s beautiful.’ Sexist degradation abounds in this piece of shit movie. I’m ashamed for all the actors, I really am. Paul Feig, writer and director, is an asshole for even thinking this crap up.

Thank you for reading!

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